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DIY Doodle Art Cupcake Toppers

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I have to share this EASY adorable DIY Idea for what I am calling “Doodle Art Cupcake Toppers” I made for my daughter’s party. It is a great way to showcase your child’s artwork and best part, SUPER Budget Friendly !!!

Yes I have been MIA for some time now, but that is only because I am having major renovations done in my home along with it being summer and having the kids home. BUT that does not mean the parties and creativity have stopped – I just have not posted all of that just yet – so it is coming, I promise you that.

With that being said – my daughter had her 12th birthday party this past July and the theme we went with was a Doodle Art Party. I kept it simple since I had so much going on and I will post all the fun and activities we did coming up soon.  I wanted to start by sharing this great idea for the cupcake toppers which were so damn cute and did I mention Budget Friendly?

My daughter is a budding artist since birth (yes it is true) – since kindergarten she has wanted to be an illustrator after one visited her school. Her best friend even to this day is her Magna Doodle – no joke. So I thought it would be fun to do a party based on Doodles and Art, so that is what I did.

The idea for these Doodle Art Cupcake Toppers came about when I was in Home Depot looking at the paint colors for the many projects coming up. I saw all the little paint color swatches and the idea came to me for these. I told my daughter to grab a bunch of the bright colors and we would use them to create cupcake toppers with them.  Cost for that – Uh FREE. I love FREE !!!

Here is what I used to create these:

  • FREE Paint Color Swatches
  • Colored Markers
  • My daughter’s artistic talent
  • Scissors
  • Mini Craft Sticks to create frames
  • Glue Gun
  • Cupcakes to place them on

Now let me show you how we made them and how absolutely adorable they turned out when placed on all the cupcakes….

I started by gathering my supplies, the only thing I bought were the Mini Craft Sticks. I then cut the paint color swatches into squares so that when I used the craft sticks as frames they would be the right size – easy enough right?

Next I got my daughter to sit and draw some fun Doodle Art on 12 of them for the cupcakes. She loved doing this and did some cute designs – I was so excited !!!

Next it was my turn !! I used my glue gun and glued the crafts sticks together to create a frame. Then I glued the Art to the back of them and then I had cute framed artwork. I then just glued on another craft stick to the back to create the stick that would be used to put them in the cupcake. Easy Peasy !!

Here are the finished cupcakes with the toppers – How cute are they? My daughter was so excited to show off her art and to see which cupcake her friends would choose. The Cupcakes were just confetti cupcakes, per her request, with pink frosting and colored flower sprinkles.

These Doodle Art Cupcake Toppers are great for any occasion – the possibilities are endless. You can even turn it into a fun party activity and have them framed out prior to the party and let the kids create their own toppers.

Stay Tuned for more fun ideas from the party coming soon…..

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