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DIY Earring Holder – Inexpensive and EASY

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A few months ago I finally completed a project that was on my “To Do” list and it was for this Earring Holder for my daughter.  Trust me when I tell you that my daughter has more jewelry then the Claire’s store. Problem is that when it is not organized you can never find what you are looking for.

I am very big on organization and when I searched and shopped around for earring holders they are always too small and would never hold her current and growing collection of hanging earrings.  So I came up with a quick and easy solution that not only looked cool, but would also give her room for growth.

Of course I had to share it with all of you out there because if you have a daughter you will completely understand where I am coming from. This is also a great gift idea for any girl.

To get started you will need a frame. I purchased an inexpensive picture frame, I got a long one. You can use any size you would like for this, but the bigger the better so you will have room.

Then I just removed the glass and backing and tossed those aside. I bought some semi heavy duty screening from Home Depot where the square holes are pretty close and small. I cut it using wire cutters to fit the back of my frame and used a heavy duty stapler to staple it to the back. So far so easy right?

Once you have done that get yourself your favorite color spray paint to match the room you will hang it in and spray the frame and the screen and let that dry. I did my daughters in Grape Purple, which looked awesome against her turquoise wall.

After the front is all dry flip it over. Now this is important – add a small block of wood at the top of the frame and also at the bottom. I actually used some old wood blocks of the kids I had on hand and hot glued them on. This keeps the frame for resting against the wall and gives those hanging earrings room to be put on and easily taken off.

Then go ahead and spray paint the back as well and the block because you may see it from the side.

Once that is all dry find a place to hang it up. My Hubby just put a screw right through the block at the top and the bottom to secure it to the wall and it was ready for earrings to be hung.

That is it!!! Come on how easy is that?

It also makes for cool wall art when the earrings are on it.

Now my daughter can find earrings to match her outfits quickly in a pinch and she can put them back and keep her room neat and tidy (well most of the time – lol)


2 Responses to “DIY Earring Holder – Inexpensive and EASY”
  1. Tiffany Strayhorn says:

    Thank u soooo much for sharing.. I have to try this… So awesome!! TFS!!

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