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Dog Bowl Birthday Cake

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If you are having a Dog Birthday Party Theme this Dog Bowl Cake is so easy to make and it will definitely be a conversation piece at your party. This cake was made by a friend of mine named Ashley for her daughter’s 6th Birthday and she was happy to share how she created it.

Also just to share she is not a professional cake decorator either – so I just want  you to know this is a do-able cake for anyone to make.

Here is what she used to make this Dog Bowl Birthday Cake:

  • Cake Mix of Choice (Ashley used a Pound Cake Mix)
  • 9″ Cake Pans
  • Frosting (Ashely used Buttercream and tinted it to get her color)
  • Black Pre-Made Fondant (For Spots & Number)
  • Cocoa Puffs – For the Dog Food
  • White Modeling Chocolate- For Dog Bone
  • A Few Milk Chocolate Chips – These were added to the White Modeling Chocolate to get the Dog Bone Color
  • Number Cookie Cutter – For the Fondant Number on the Cake

Here is what you do:

Bake your Cakes and remove from Pans. Let Cool. Place one cake at the bottom and frost the Top. Then place on Top Layer. Take a sharp knife and carve your cakes to give it a Bowl Shape.  Just so it looks as if it angles in a bit. Then take a spoon to scoop out and shape the inside bowl.  Go the depth of the top layer. Then frost your cake lightly – basically a Crumb Coating and stick in the fridge for a bit.

When ready finish frosting the Cake. Then take your Black Pre-Made Fondant and cut out some Black Spots (Circles) and your Number with your Cookie Cutter. Carefully place them on the Cake where you like.

Then take your Cocoa Puffs and Fill the Middle of the Cake (Bowl). You can place some on the bottom like Ashley did so it looks like some split out.

Dog Bone:

Now the Dog Bone can be made in advance since Modeling Chocolate needs to set a bit before you can work with it. If you are not familiar with Modeling Chocolate – it is basically an Edible Play-Doh for cakes made with Melting Chocolate and Corn Syrup. For an easy Recipe look here: How to make Modeling Chocolate.  Once you have that made and ready just form a long Rounded Rectangle Shape and add 2 Big Ball Shapes at both ends and work with it until it looks like a Dog Bone. You can then take the point of a Knife or Toothpick and carve in the Birthday Child’s Name. Place the Dog Bone on top of the Dog Food (Cocoa Puffs) and you have your self a great looking cake that will have everyone’s Tail Wagging – well if they had a tail that is.

You can change this up in so many ways – Like for instance: Having a Dalmatian Theme? – then frost it White with Black Spots. You have the idea now the limit is only your imagination.


2 Responses to “Dog Bowl Birthday Cake”
  1. Hi!
    Wow what a fantastic recipe, maybe i should bake this to my brother’s dog on her birthday she would love it.
    I’ve love to have your recipe on my website, if thats okey? And i will of course put you as the source.
    Best regards /Rico

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