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Donating Your Used Stuffed Animals

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Being we, The Party Animal, sell Plush Animals to be stuffed we also promote donating them as well. As a parent I understand sometimes we can get overloaded with Stuffed Animals and having a Stuff a Plush Party can be something most want to steer away from. The problem is: Kids  ♥ Love Stuffed Animals.They also love creating them by hand or at Build a Bear.

So I want to tell you about Stuffed Animals for Emergencies (SAFE).  Stuffed Animals for Emergencies is a wonderful non profit organization that collects Gently Used and New  Stuffed Animals and gives them to children in need to love and hug .  Many people have adding themselves as donation sites in various locations, us included, to take donations and distribute them to local organizations who are in need of them for children. Some are even shipped to third world countries.

Being a donation site myself I have taken 100’s of donations of Stuffed Animals to Churches, Shelters, Nursing Homes, Local Police and Fire Departments etc… Knowing there may be a child scared or frightened and be given a Stuffed Animal to hug in their time of need makes it all worth while. It also makes it easier on the kids giving up some of their Stuffed Animals to know they are going to a very good cause and knowing if they were even in a situation similar that having a Stuffed Animal given to them may help ease some of the fear or pain they may be having at that time.

In the mean time here are some things you can do with your Gently Used Stuffed Animals:

You can contact your Local Shelters, Police Departments, Fire Departments, Nursing Homes and Churches to see if they would be accepting of your donations and most are very happy to take them. Sometimes even the Humane Society will take them if they are free of removable parts like eyes that can be chewed off as comfort to some of the animals.

Here are some helpful inks to other Organizations accepting Gently Used and New Stuffed Animals:

Mushy Mates

Stuffed Animal Rescue

Loving Hugs

Project Night Night

Operation Noah

Project Smile

Animal Beacons of Light

Operation Iraq Children

Beanies for Baghdad

Some things I have done with Used Stuffed Animals – With the smaller ones I have made them into Cat Toys by opening them up at the seam and removing some of the stuffing and replacing it with Catnip. Sewing it back up and my cats go crazy for them. This is a great idea for a community project for Animal Shelters.

I have also taken some of the larger Used Stuffed Animals and given them to my dogs to play with. Now you must remove all small parts like eyes and things that can become choking hazards. Also a great idea for your local Animal Shelters.

Look here for great Craft Ideas and ways to Recycle Used Stuffed Animals:

Recycle Used Teddy Bears

How to make a Puppet with an Old Stuffed Animal

How to Reuse An Old Stuffed Toy In The Office

Stuff a Plush for Charity

Stuff a Plush for Charity

Stuff a Plush for Charity:

Another great idea for Charity is a  Stuff a Plush Charity Event with The Party Animal. Getting the kids involved with charity work is always a good thing and teaches them about giving to others. This is great for Church Events, Community Events, Girl Scout and Boys Scouts and even having a Birthday Party where the children Stuff a Plush and then donate it to a great charity in need.  The Party Animals is big on giving so if you are interested in setting up a Stuff a Plush Charity Event just Contact Us and we will help you set one up. What a great way to make a Child Smile.


6 Responses to “Donating Your Used Stuffed Animals”
  1. Hannah says:

    Here we do also the stuff toys donation only when it’s Christmas time for street children in Haven for Children. And gathering toys and stuff animal donation is not whole year round but good thing we are promoting therapy dogs as to entertain not only for homeless children but also for the sick(cancer patients) and elders.

  2. I love to hear that – Good for you. If I can help in any way with anything please let me know. If you need animal skins of anything else I am always happy to help. Also SAFE (Stuffed Animals for Emergencies) is always looking for new donation sites so look at that as well.

  3. Chris Ellis says:

    The Teddy Bear Brigade collects new and gently loved stuffed animals for children in need around the world. We are partners with SAFE and would love to have you add us to your post. I’d be glad to answer any questions you might have.
    Chris Ellis, Director of the Teddy Bear Brigade

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