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Donut Bunnies – Sweet Treats made from Donuts

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If you are looking for a fun Unique Treat for an Easter Party, Spring Party or a Bunny Themed Party then look no further. These Donut Bunnies are not only Adorable they are Easy to make, BUDGET FRIENDLY and Yummy to eat.  I came up with this idea yesterday after I was writing a page on Donut Birthday Cakes. I was inspired by a photo of Donut Snowmen and being I was going to be in the kitchen working on Easter Party baking ideas I thought I would play off of that and create a Donut Bunny. The best part to these is that there is no baking involved.  So let me share with you Step by Step just how Easy these are to create.

Here is what you will need to create these Donut Bunnies:

  • Powdered White Donuts (Small ones – I used Tastykakes Donuts)
  • Powdered White Donut Holes (Also by Tastekakes)
  • Marshmallows (Large) for Ears
  • Mini Chocolate Chips for Eyes
  • Pink Jelly Bean Nose
  • Edible Pink Easter Grass for Whiskers
  • Pink Sugar Sprinkles for the Ear Coloring
  • Smooth & Melty Mints for Tail
  • Toothpicks
  • Very Small amount of White Frosting for Glue

Optional – What I used for plating:

  • Coconut dyed Green using Green Food Coloring
  • Colored Jelly Beans

You can change any of the Decorations around – You can use Chocolate Donuts for Brown Bunnies, Mini M&M’s for eyes, Mini Marshmallow Tail, Different Colored Sugar Sprinkles for Ears, Licorice Whiskers etc… It is up to you, but I wanted to give you the basic idea and you can decorate your Donut Bunny anyway you like. You can even add a Bow, a Carrot and so on. The limit is your Imagination and I just want to inspire that. Now let me show you how to put it all together….

I got the Edible Easter Grass in my local Candy store and it is usually available around Easter time – I just like that it is thinner to use for the Whiskers, String Licorice would work as well. For the tail I liked the Mini Smooth & Melty Mint Candy which is like a tiny Chocolate Chip in a pastel color with Non Pareils on the flat end, but a Mini Marshmallow would work just fine too.

To assemble your Donut Bunny Body start with the round Donut on the bottom for your base. Then stick in a Toothpick – obviously you want to stick that in just away from the hole so it will be sturdy and hold. Then carefully slide on one of the Donut holes and then add the other. Be Careful when doing so that you do not break the Donuts. Now take another Donut from the box and eat to get a Sugar rush to continue to the next step.

Now lets make the Bunny Ears. First let me say to have a wet towel handy because this can get sticky. Ok now take your Large Marshmallow and a pair of Scissors and cut one end off. Then Cut the other end off.  Toss the middle piece or eat it if you like – that is what I do – shhh. Then take the cut Marshmallow and dip it into your Pink Sugar Sprinkles sticky side down. Do both ears. Then stick the Ears onto a Toothpick.

Now lets build our Donut Bunny. Take your Ears and Carefully stick then into the top Donut Hole. For the Eyes – I made tiny holes (not too big) with a toothpick and added a tiny dot into each with the White Frosting for glue.   Then I stuck in the Mini Chocolate Chips. Then I cut my Pink Edible Easter Grass into 6 small pieces and carefully stuck them in. Next I made another small hole where the nose would be going and added some more White Frosting Glue and stuck on my Pink Jelly Bean Nose. Last, but not least I stuck in my Smooth & Melty Pink Bunny Tail to complete my Donut Bunny.

And there it is my Donut Bunny – Now how Easy was that?

For the bedding I dyed some Coconut using Green Food Coloring and then I added some Jelly Beans around to make him more Festive.

Here is Donut Bunny #2 – If you like the Donut Bunny Idea, but want to do less than try this guy. I made him just using the Mini Powdered Donut.  He was made the same way, but I just gave him a different Jelly Bean Nose. He is just as cute.

WARNING: These Donut Bunnies are so darn cute they make it hard to eat. Oh who am I kidding – yes they are cute, but Yummy to eat and the kids loved them. Just warn the kids and others about the toothpicks prior to eating.

I would love to see photos of your Donut Bunnies – so if you create some feel free to share your photos so I can share them with my readers.

Now if you want to see the page I wrote about Donut Birthday Cakes – Click Here

These Donut Bunnies have been entered in the Lifetime Products Spring Craft Contest


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  1. Thanks Linette – I think so too – lol

  2. AM says:

    Nice Bunnies!!

  3. archdaw says:

    Sounds delicious

  4. Thanks – They were Yummy – lol

  5. Brianna Lee says:

    I love to eat Marshmallows every day he he he.’;:

  6. Love Marshmallows too – lol

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