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Doodle Human Pirates a Fun Gift for Pirate Lovers

February 11, 2010 by  
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I just had to share these great Doodle Human Pirates that I think are so much fun. Are you going to a Pirate Birthday Party and need a gift for the Birthday Child? How about you have or know a child that loves all things having to do with Pirates. This is one unique gift idea and I only saw this for my first time today.

Ok so what are they you ask? Well do remember the Doodle Bears? The Bears where the kids took markers and you could doodle all over them – they you stick them into the wash and it comes off so you can start again? Well this is just like that, but instead of a bear you get to Doodle on some fun Human Pirates.

These great Cartoon Pirates come in Three designs: There is Pig-Iron Pete, Cap’n Pegleg and Chummy Muttonchops. They are 15″ in size and each ones comes with 3 Markers – so the kids can Doodle on their Pirates over and over. How funny are those?

To Order these guys – Click Here. ARRR Matey that is one fun gift idea!!!

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