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Doodle Roll Review and Giveaway – get ready to Roll out the Fun – CLOSED

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Doodling on the go just got easier thanks to the geniuses behind Doodle Roll. These portable Coloring Kits are a dream come true for parents and a big hit with the kids.

So what are these Doodle Rolls? They are Rolls of Paper and Crayons in a compact and portable container. They easily fit right into your Purse and are Lightweight to carry and bring anywhere.

Imagine those times when you are out waiting at the Doctor’s, on an Airplane, in a Restaurant or in the Car etc.. and you wish you have something to keep the kids busy because they are bored – Come on we have all been there way too many times, I know I have. Doodle Rolls are a great solution for you to have on hand and use Anytime and Anywhere.

Of course when I first saw the Doodle Roll I thought about how great they would be for Birthday Parties.  You can have them set up on the table and as the kids arrive to the party have them all sit and doodle while they wait for the rest of the guests to arrive. You can also have a Doodle Contest and have the kids vote on the Best Drawing and have different categories to judge and everyone is a winner because they get to take them home as party of their Party Favors. And YES these make AWESOME Party Favors !! So move over bags of Candy and Useless Junk and make room for an affordable Party Favor that will make both the Kids and Parents happy.

Kidville a popular retail establishment with locations on the east and west coast will now be offering the Doodle Roll as a party favor for their many parties they host every weekend, both in the US and in their overseas locations. Kudos to them !!!

They will also fit perfectly into Christmas Stockings… Just Sayin’

Doodle Roll offers Party Packs on their website here: Doodle Roll Store

Here is how they work: The Doodle Roll Container has 2 sides, one that holds the Roll of Paper and the other area that holds the Crayons. The packaging is designed to be easy for kids to open and close, with a finger-hole to make opening the crayon compartment a snap. When ready to use the kids simply pull out some of the paper to the length they want and then they open up the side with the Crayons and they get to Doodle away. The roll curls downward toward the table so a child will not have any trouble with paper curling up while he/she draws. When they are done with their drawing they can tear it off on the safe ez tear edge on the container which is not sharp, but does a great job.

Doodle Rolls come in two different sizes – there is a 4″ Size that has a roll of paper that is 4″ Wide and 15″ Long and contains 4 Colored Crayons and a 6″ Size that has a roll of paper that is 6″ Wide and 30″ Long and contains 8 Crayons. Refill Paper is available when the kids use it all up !!

So I was given the opportunity to try these out first hand so take a look at how it went….

My daughter had her BFF for a sleepover so I took the opportunity to break these out when they said they were bored. It was Perfect !! I gave them each a roll and they kept busy doodling while I got to clean up the kitchen and bake some muffins.

They loved them !! My daughter actually drew a Muffin (Guess she was smellin’ the ones in the oven – lol) and her BFF loved how she could make a story on the Roll and I sent it home with her so should could continue adding on later.

I also want to thank Doodle Roll for sending us a Limited Edition Doodle Roll Mouthman Hoodie featuring one of the Doodle Characters – Zoomer, which you can purchase on their website.  They also sent me a Doodle Roll Mug which is going to be very used with all the Coffee this Party Animal needs to drink !!

Now lets talk about the Giveaway !!

One Lucky Winner will receive a 4″ and a 6″ Doodle Roll to try, but wait there is more…

You will also get a Limited Edition Doodle Roll Mouthman Zoomer Hoodie (just like the one my daughter has on above)

How great is that? Best part it is FREE to Enter !!

Good Luck !!


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  1. I like Kevin! Or Captain Doodle! They are both great!

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    Thanks for the giveaway! Have a terrific day!

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