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Easy Candy Buttons Valentine’s the kids can make

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Forget buying pre-packed Valentine’s Day Cards for the kids to hand out when they can create these adorable Candy Button Valentine’s.  Not only are these Super Easy to make, but they are also very Budget Friendly.

My sister took my daughter to a friends house where they made these Sweet Cards as a fun craft project., unfortunately I was unable to attend  this fun activity, BUT my sister photographed the process for me to share. I like the idea of kids creating their Valentine’s Day Cards since it gets them feelin’ the Love ❤ and it is so much more personable. I love everything Homemade – Don’t You?

The original idea for these came from Martha Stewart’s website where they call these “Sweet Spot Hearts” – we have to give credit where credit is due.  But let me show you the kids creating them and how easy it really is…….

Here is What you will need to make these Candy Button Valentine’s:

  • Candy Buttons
  • Colored Construction Paper
  • Scissors – Fancy Edged ones if you have them
  • Glue Stick
  • Kids ♥

So here are all the Supplies ready to go. The amount of Candy Buttons you will need will depend on how many you will be making. Figure 3 rows of Candy Buttons for each Card and go from there.

Then let the kids cut out Heart Shapes, using the Fancy Edged Scissors, from the Colored Construction Paper (you can always help by giving them an outline to follow). Then they will cut hearts out of  the Candy Buttons to be placed on top of the Construction Paper Hearts- 2 Rows of Candy Buttons, then 1 Candy Button will make a Heart Shape. Now all the have to do is Glue the Candy Button Hearts to the Construction Paper and you have your Valentine. But wait now they have to address them !!! Turn them over and let them write fun messages for their Valentine’s !!

That is it !! Was that Easy or what? An Adorable Handmade Valentine with a Sweet Treat all in one. Love that.

Lorax loved his Valentine!!!

Want to make your Candy Buttons have an even Bigger Impact – they make them using these Mega Candy Buttons !!! I found these at my Candy Store and had to buy them for the girls. Now they did not use these for their cards, but you certainly could. That would be Extra Fun !! How cool are those?

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