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Enchanted Unicorn Birthday Party

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unicorn birthday party suppliesWhat little girl does not love the Magic of Unicorns? None that I know of.  So let me share some great ideas and party supplies to help you get inspired to create a Unicorn Party for your little girl.  I came across these wonderful Enchanted Unicorn Party Suppliesthat I just fell in love with. The colors are so pretty with the pinks, purples and blues and the Unicorn is so pretty.

The party pack gives you pretty much everything at a great deal and includes 8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, 16 napkins, shimmery tablecover, centerpiece, mylar balloon, 18 balloons (3 colors), curling ribbon (3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors), pink heart confetti, and cake candles. You can also purchase the items separately if you just want touches and then mix in some solid colored items. You will also find all the matching Balloons, Banners and toys to go along with it. They even have a matching Favor Box if you choose to go along with the pre-made party favors.

personalized unicorn party invitation

If  you want Personalized Unicorn Party Invitations you can find plenty of choices on Ebay and you can have all of your party information printed right onto the invite. Also you can find many sellers who give you the option to print them from home instead waiting for them to come in the mail. It is great for those last minute party planners.

unicorn party invite

Another Unicorn Invitation I found and love comes from Etsy Seller lynnetteart.  This one includes a photo of your child and all your personalization. It also matches the party supplies perfectly, but they also offer many other Unicorn designs as well. They will send your invitation design when complete back to you in a jpg format that you can either print from home or send to one of your local photo printers to have printed. You can chose to have it printed in a 4×6 or a 5×7 size. I prefer 5×7 – it just looks nicer.

BM Unicorn

A Perfect activity for the party that can also double as a party favor is the Stuff A Unicorn Kits that I sell on my website. I have a few choices of Unicorns available to choose from  the one you see pictured to the right is one that I think would match these party supplies just perfect.  Each Stuff a Plush Kit comes complete with Plush Animal of Choice, Stuffing, Wishing  Star Insert, Custom Birth Certificate and Instructions. They are also available in 15′ Size and also 8″ Size depending on your budget.  The kids easily stuff them by hand and get to take home their new friend – they love to do it and it is always a winning party activity. Not to worry I also carry Stuffable Dragons that would be prefect if you have any little boys coming to the party. You can also add in T-Shirts for the kids to decorate for their Unicorns or pick from the large selection of outfits that are also available.

Unicorn party game

The Unicorn Party Gameis a very popular one for this party theme. It is played just like Pin the tail on the Donkey, but instead of a tail the guests have to Pin the Horn on the Unicorn. If you are creative you can even create your own like I had done for many local parties.

pin the horn on the unicorn game

All you need is a large poster board. Draw a Unicorn head then trace the horn so you can create your horn pieces to stick on and from a template so they match the size.  Color & Cut them out – add double stick tape so you are ready to play and have a bandanna to cover their eyes. The photo to the right is one of the ones I have made myself. I even added glitter to the mane and the horns the kids got to stick on – I like when things sparkle. When the party was over the Birthday Child had a great poster to hang in their room.

Unicorn pinata

Of course you will need to have your Unicorn Pinataat the party as well.  How pretty is this one? Looks at those Blue Eyes. The one thing I always say is that if you use the Pull Strings then you can save the pinata and just re tape the bottom so after the party your daughter can put this in their room as a decoration.

Fill your pinata with not only candy, but fun Unicorn Stickers, Tattoos,  Necklaces etc.. Filling with larger items such as toys will save you money on having to fill it with so much candy and kids love all the extra treats.

rice kripsy treat unicornAnother fun treat idea is this Chocolate Covered Unicorn Rice Kripsy Treat. They can be used as a treat at the party or for a party favor for the kids to take home. Each one is HUGE weighing about 4-5 ounces each. They are individually wrapped and come on a stick. Each one is made fresh to order. Just attach some pretty ribbons and a Thank You Tag and you have a great party favor the kids will love to eat and it looks so pretty.

Unicorn Cake Topper

Now for your Unicorn Birthday Cake you can find a nice selection of Edible Unicorn Images, Toppers and even Unicorn Cake Pans to help you create your perfect birthday cake. You can even use toys you may already have in the house to top your cake  – just make sure they have be cleaned really well. The picture you see to your left is a Unicorn Cake Topper that comes with two unicorns and matches the party supplies very well. When the party is over and the cake is done they now double as toys for your daughter.

Unicorn cupcakeI am a big fan of cupcakes at a party to avoid the kids arguing over who gets what piece. I came across these adorable easy to make Unicorn Cupcakes I had to share.  They are so easy to make and are so cute. To match this party theme I would frost the cupcakes with vanilla frosting and add some Pink along the top part of the cupcake with some Pink Decorative frosting for the mane.  The you add a Bugle for the horn, Blue M&M’s for the eyes and white  Jelly Beans for the ears. The nose is a full size Marshmallow cut in half with two dots with black put on using a food safe marker.  Then you can display them on a Cupcake Stand or Display as a great table decoration. I think the kids would go crazy for them and you will save yourself some aggravation with the cutting and fighting for what piece each guest wants.

unicorn headband

Some other things that I think would make this party theme fun are the Unicorn Headbands –  you can give one to each guest to wear at the party. They are adorable headbands that have Unicorn Horn and Ears and would make a great photo having all the kids together wearing them. They can also be party of your party favor too.

unicorn lollipops

I also like the Unicorn Lollipops which are the long pretty colored twisted Lollipops. I am not usually a fan of all the candy at parties, but these are fun and the kids love them. They really look like a Unicorn Horn they way they are twisted. You can use them for prizes or party of the favor. You can also hide them and play a game like the Unicorn lost their horns and you must find them. Like you would do an egg hunt – make the kids work for their treats.

cardboard castle

You can also let the birthday child Color their very own Cardboard Castle before the party or let all the guests color it when they arrive. It is an inexpensive way to have a castle at the party. Then your daughter gets to keep it to play with when the party is over. I love double purpose items!!!

Have fun planning your Fantasy Party and I hope I showed you some fun products that will make your party even more Magical!!!


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  1. Lynnette says:

    I found your blog by searching google for unicorn invitations. Thank you for including my invitation in your blog. A new website where you can see all my unicorn invitations is at
    Best Wishes,

  2. You are welcome :0)

  3. LeAnn Foster says:

    Where can I purchase the Enchanted Unicorn cake topper set? I found the single pink one but like these purple mane ones better…please help!

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