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Extreme Sports Player Costumes for Kids

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Do you have a child who is big into Sports and wants a Sports Costume for Halloween? Have you seen these Extreme Sports Player Costumes yet? These take Sports Costume to a whole new level with the Zombie Masks and Blood Spattered Sports Uniforms.

While us parents never want to see our kids looking like this after any Sports Game they play, for Halloween it is the best of both worlds for the kids. The kids get to dress up in as a player from their favorite sport and look extremely scary at the same time. Ok and maybe a little bit Gross too, but that is what a lot of the kids like on Halloween right?

When I saw these Extreme Sports Player Costumes it made me think of my nephew who is Big into all sports and one year on Halloween he dressed up in his favorite Teams Baseball Uniform and turned himself into a Zombie with some Blacked Eyes using Make Up.  He also sprayed his hair Red to match the uniform and it really was creepy.

So if you want to create your own Extreme Sports Player Costume – you can do that pretty easily with Team Shirts and Uniforms you may already have in your closet. Add some Scary Make Up with Blackened Eyes, Scars, Blood etc… If you will no longer need the Uniform or Sports Shirt then add some Tears and Rips and you can even add on some Fake Blood Splatter on it as well.

Sometimes coming up with a Halloween Costume in a pinch can be so easy and right in your house already.

But these New Extreme Sports Player Costumes out this year are pretty cool and there is no doubt a lot of boys will love to wear any one of them – Girls can wear them too.

Take a look at them…..

Extreme Sports Hockey Player Costume

Looks like this player too way to many Pucks to the head, but watch out he may be ready to Slice you with that Hockey Stick !!!

Extreme Sports Baseball Player Costume

Looks like the Baseball went to his head and it is still stuck in there too.

Extreme Sports Football Player Costume

Not sure if this Football Player plays to win or Kill – what do you think?

All of these Extreme Sports Player Costumes are Available at:

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