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Fairy Berries are the perfect Magical Party Decor

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If you are looking for a way to make your Party Magical then I have found it !! These Fairy Berries are the perfect way to add some sparkling magic to any event.

I could not hold in my excitement when I came across these Fairy Berries

– I love things that light up and sparkle and I will definitely be getting some of these myself.  In fact they are on my Christmas List already – yes I have a Christmas List, I like to get what I want – is that wrong?

So what are they? Fairy Berries are 3/4″ Balls with LEDs inside that light up and slowly fade off. When you have a bunch of them they produce a Firefly or Fairy Light Effect that creates a Magical feel.

So where do you put these Fairy Berries? Well that is the best part – Anywhere !!! Sprinkle them on your Lawn, In Trees, On your Tables, In Centerpieces and they are even water resistant so you can add them to the Pool  – They Float !!!

Each one comes with 2 CR1220-3V batteries and should last 20+ hours each, but you can replace the batteries when they stop working.

Come on – how cool are these? Imagine the Possibilities I know I am.

I found the best prices for these Fairy Berries being offered on EBay HERE

Take a look at them in action:


2 Responses to “Fairy Berries are the perfect Magical Party Decor”
  1. Bob says:

    Thanks Adrianna. And yes, they are to love. It’s hard to imagine that such a small (and inexpensive) thing can make such a big difference at a party or big event. All feedback from users has been positive. Like “We hung 500 at our wedding reception, the guests comments were like “over the top”, “fantastic”, “magical” and “I want these for my wedding”. Once in awhile we get it right. Thx. Bob, FPI.

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