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How to Make a Fake Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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Today is April Fool’s Day and I am all about playing pranks on the kids. So I decided to make a Fake Grilled Cheese Sandwich to start the pranks off – it is so EASY to do and I am gonna to show you how it’s done.

Now let me add this is not my original idea – I had written a post the other day on my 10 Favorite April Fool’s Day Food Pranks and this was one of the ideas that came from Family Fun. I loved this one and thought I would give it a try and I took step by step pictures of the process to share – it was so EASY.

Here is all you need to create one:

  • Pound Cake – I used Entenmann’s Butter Pound Cake
  • White or Vanilla Frosting
  • Orange Food Coloring Gel or combine Red & Yellow

Now check out how Easy it is to pull off:

First I colored my frosting. Then I sliced my pound cake – now keep in mind the pound cake slices are small – so I used 4 slices to create each sandwich. Make sure to cut them at least 1 inch thick or more to make them easier to handle. Then I stuck each slice into my toaster to brown them up a bit. Keep an eye on them because they will toast fast from the sugars.

Be careful pulling them out of the toaster because they can fall apart easily. Then frost them up making sure to have some of the frosting stick out the side to resemble melted cheese. Stick your slices side by side as you would a normal sandwich and you are good to go prank the kids.

So how did my kids react when I brought them their Grilled Cheese Sandwich? For one they were excited I made them something to eat (lol), my daughter was excited and my son was skeptical because I played another prank on him earlier. First thing he asked me was “What did you do to it?”

Even though it was not the real deal they ate it because it still tasted DELISH.

OH and let me add that the smell of toasting Butter Pound Cake was amazing – who knew.

This is an adorable treat to pull of obviously for April Fool’s Day, but I also think this would be a fun treat at any party for the kids.

Be sure to stop by my post for even more fun food pranks – click the picture below:


2 Responses to “How to Make a Fake Grilled Cheese Sandwich”
  1. Faye says:

    I like this idea! I cute prank, but not too cruel.

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