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How to Make Flower Pot Cupcakes using Fruit Roll Ups

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I love Spring and seeing all the flowers growing, so in honor of that I created these adorable Flower Pot Cupcakes.  Not only are they EASY to make, they are also entirely edible and I am going to show you how you can make them too.

I made these on Mother’s Day just playing around and having some fun getting creative in the kitchen with my step sister who was here visiting me. I had seen this idea in a magazine years ago and always wanted to give it a try. So I guess you can say I gave myself some flowers – lol.

What I loved about this idea the best is that the flower pot is created using Fruit Rolls – there is no wrapper on the cupcake – so between the cupcake, candy flowers and pretzel stems everything is completely edible. Is that cool or what? I think it is very cool.

Now let me show you step by step how EASY these are to create

This is what I used to make these Flower Pot Cupcakes:

  • Cupcakes of course – I used Devils Food Cupcakes, but Chocolate will work too
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Fruit Gems
  • Fruit Roll Ups (Fruit by the Foot)

This is all that is needed to create these delicious treats !!

First bake your cupcakes and let them cool.

Next unroll a Fruit Roll Up. I used Cherry Fruit Roll Ups. Mine happen to have designs cut into them which I would have preferred them not too, but in the end it added a cool effect so it was all good.

Next I simply measured how long to cut it by wrapping it around my cupcake. Them I cut 2 strips for each cupcake – easy enough right?

Then I wrapped the bottom part of my cupcake and I put some water on the roll up on the back so they would stick together.

Then I took the other fruit roll up and wet it down with some water and folded it in half. Then using the same method as above I wrapped it around the edge of the cupcake to form the flower part rim. Pretty cool right?

Now that we have a Flower Pot it is time to create the flowers.

Take some Fruit Gems and cut 2 triangles out of the top – this will create pretty Tulips. To create some leaves – just slice up a green Fruit Gem.

Then to assemble just stick your Tulip onto to the top of a pretzel stick, be sure to not get the super thin ones – I do not think they will hold the weight of the Fruit Gems. Then just attach your leaves to the sides of the stick. They will stick themselves because the Fruit Gems are sticky when cut.

Once your flowers are assembled stick them into your cupcakes and you are done !!!

Aren’t they pretty?

Now I did not frost my cupcakes, but you can if you like. You can frost them with chocolate frosting and even crumble cookie crumbs on top to look like dirt. Mine were super easy and not too messy as is.

and there’s my beautiful daughter getting ready to enjoy some SWEET edible flowers – yum yum yum.

These cupcakes would be great for your next springtime party don’t ya think?

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