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How to Make Fondant Minions for a Despicable Me Birthday Cake

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If you are a Despicable Me Movie Fan then there is no doubt you love Gru’s army of Minions. And if you are looking for some ideas for your Despicable Me Birthday Cake you are definitely going to love these Fondant Minions you can create to top your cake.  Even if you have not worked with Fondant before I am going to show you how Easy these are to create.

I cannot take credit for these Fondant Minions – these were actually created by a very talented lady from Singapore who does some amazing Cakes.  She had seen my post on my Twinkie Minions, but unfortunately she cannot get Twinkies where she lives. The Despicable Me Birthday Cake was created for her daughter who fell in love with the movie and I must say it is one of the BEST Despicable Me Birthday Cakes I have seen yet. She  gave me permission to share these Fondant Minions with you and how to make them, but she also has her own blog where she shares some Unique Cakes and Treats.

Stop by and see what else she has to inspire you here: a spoonful of sugah.

Here is what she used to create the Fondant Minions:

The first thing she did was Dye her Fondant into – Yellow, Blue and Black and set a small amount of the White aside. The larger amount to be dyed is your Yellow, then less for the Blue and even Less for the Black.  She created 15 Minions and did not use up the entire box of Fondant.

She also Dyed her rice vermicelli black, for the hair. Not all Minions have Hair so you only need hair for some of them.

Here is How the Fondant Minions were Created:

Working with Fondant is like playing with Play-Doh and you can really have lots of fun with it. The rest of the details on the Minions were created using Toothpicks – so like the Pocket on the Overalls and the Stitching and even some of the expressions.

When she finished her Fondant Minion Army she placed them on top of her Despicable Me Birthday Cake she also created using Cut Fondant Pieces in the shape of the Movie Logo with Gru’s Shadow – It is just amazing and so well done. Her daughter must have been beside herself when she saw her Birthday Cake.

Check out some of the funny pictures of the Fondant Minions she made with all the great expressions she turned into a funny Cartoon:

Now if that is not enjoying what you do – I do not know what is.  I love the creativity and I think that was my favorite part.

So I have to give my Shout Out Thank You to her for letting me share these Fondant Minions and her amazing talent.

So take a moment and stop by her Blog and see all the other great work she has to share Here:

a spoonful of  sugah

I wonder what she will be baking up and creating  next…..


4 Responses to “How to Make Fondant Minions for a Despicable Me Birthday Cake”
  1. malaika says:

    thats so cute and funny:D and i love the minions i think i’m going to do that for my next b-day.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

  2. biutiful!!! i love minions

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