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How to make Football Cupcakes

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football cupcakeFootball Cupcakes are so simple to make and really add to the whole Football Theme Party. So if you are going with this as your party theme then I say offer these cupcakes and you are good to go. Cupcakes are so much easier to have at a Birthday Party vs. a Cake I think. Not only do you not have to cut up a cake, but you also avoid all the arguments of who gets one part of it.  Let me share with you some of the different design ideas to give you some inspiration.

Now the first Football Cupcake you see pictured at the top left I think is the easiest of them all. Just frost your cupcake with chocolate frosting and either use a White Cake Decorating Frosting or Vanilla Frosting in a baggie with the corner cut off and pipe on the lines. It does not get any easier than that.

football cupcakesAnother simple design would be this one where you frost your cupcake with Vanilla frosting colored green to look like grass – using the same method as above pipe on a goal post.  Then take an almond and pipe on the lines to resemble a Football and you have another adorable cupcake. These two ideas and photos came from Easy Cupcakes.

football cupcake ringsYou can also use Football Cupcake Rings on the top of your cupcakes which are always fun for the kids and give them an extra Toy Bonus they can wear after the lick off all the frosting.

Yofootball helmet cupcake picksu can even find Football Helmet Cupcake Picks you can stick in featuring your favorite NFL teams. That adds even more personalization to the cupcake. Of course your guests can keep and take them home too.

So as you can see there are many very easy ways you can make some fun Football Cupcakes for your next party – whether it be for a Birthday, A Tailgate Party, Superbowl Party or even just a fun day at home with the family watching a game. Below you will see some photos I put together of Football Cupcakes others have made – use them for inspiration. There are some very creative ideas and again they are not hard to do at all.


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