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Football Party Games

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Football party gamesIf you are having a Football Party Theme you are going to want to have some fun Football Party Games for the guests to play. Of course you can play a game of Football, but that is not always feasible at a Birthday Party or if the weather does not cooperate with you. And believe it or not – not everyone knows how to play. So you will want to have some games that all your party guests can enjoy and that is what I am going to share with you here.

finger flick football gameRemember playing Football by folding paper into a triangle and trying to score a Touchdown while your friend across the table held their fingers like a Field Goal? Well now they have them pre-made and you can set up some fun table games for your guests and they are cheap enough to send a set home with each child as part of your party favors.  It is called a Finger Flick Football Game and I think the kids would love to play.

goal post head boppersHow about a Goal Post Head Bopper? This is headband worn by your guests and they can try and throw the soft Football through each others Goal Post. If they miss the goal and hit the edge the football will stick to the sides because it is also Velcro – then no Touchdown for them. Again a fun game which can also double as a party favor the kids can take home and play later.

Football Target GameNow here is one that is similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but it is all about Football. It is the Football Target Game and it works the same way by blind folding your guests, spinning them around and having them place their Football sticker on the game sheet and see where their Football lands on the field.  This comes with the 24″ x 36″ Game Poster, 24 Football Stickers, 1 Scorecard, Blindfold and Instructions. It is very affordable and  fun to see who will have the highest score.

football toss gameAnother one I really like is this Football Toss Game which can also be played inside, it’s inexpensive and it will test the kids skill.  This is made from heavy Duty Cardboard and measures 24 3/4″ x 17 1/2″ and can be used over and over again. The kids toss in either bean bags or small footballs (Not Included) into the holes which have been marked with point values.  So lets see who has some good throwing skills at the party and who ends up with the most points in the end.

marble footballHave you heard of  Marble Football? Yes there is such a thing and it is fun. It is a table top Football Game using marbles. The goals is to knock the Football across your opponents goal line by rolling marbles down the chute. This is a game that you would purchase to have and play over and over. It will run you in the area of $100, but it is something you can take out at all your Football Parties and get togethers – it is a lot of fun and challenging.

flag footballIf you are able to play at the party outside kids love Flag Football. You can get this great Flag Football Pack that includes Jr size Football, Foam Football, 24 Red and 24 Yellow Flags, 24 Flag Belts and 9 Cones. My kids love to play this game and it is a big favorite with all the kids and again it is a purchase you make once and you have it to play again and again.

football party gamesI also really like the Jumbo Goal Set which is a 9 1/2′ Inflatable Goal Post. You can use it with or without the cross bar and it is fun played with a frisbee, which is included. Again it is an investment, but if you have a Football Fan in the home it will get plenty of use.

football party gameThis game is a fun party game called Pass, Kick and Predict Football Play Along Game.  This game is played while watching any Football Game live or taped on the TV.  Players earn points by predicting events along with any televised football game . Also included with the game are Prediction sheets, pencils, awards, referees vests, whistles, goal posts, inflatable ball, large score board and of course play instructions. Another fun game you can play if you decide to watch a game at the party is Football Bingo and it is also based off of game play.

football-pinata-300x198Of course your party would not be complete without a Football Pinata. You will also be happy to know I dedicated an entire post just to those. You have some choices when it comes to the Pinata Design and I have also listed lots of fun Toys and treats you can use to fill it up.

Wall Football party gameIf you are creative then Family Fun has some great Football Party Game Ideas and directions for creating them. As you can see in the photo to your right – that is Wall Football – easy to make, affordable and fun.

In addition to that you may want to check out my post on FREE Football Party Printables where you will find links to Football Coloring pages, Games, Crafts and Activities that are all FREE. I like FREE.

So I hope I was able to give you some Unique ideas for your Football Party Games and remember to have fun!!!


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