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Free Personalized Chore Charts for the kids at Goalforit

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I am so excited to tell you about Goalforit where you can create FREE Personalized Chore Charts for the kids they will love. If you have been searching for a great Chore Chart then look no further because I have found it !!

I have had my share of Chore Charts for my kids over the years and even though they are now 11 & 13 they are never too old to continue to use one. I have always found that they respond much better to having a visual chart where they can mark down their accomplishments whether they are chores or personal goals they want to achieve. The same still goes for me – I use To Do List and Charts all the time it helps me stay organized and see what it is I need to get done on a daily basis.

I would make your head spin if I shared with you all of the Chore Charts and Reward Systems I had in place for the kids over the years. I think it is very important that if you are going to give your kids goals that you reward them as well for achieving them. When they were very young all it took was a sticker on their charts and they were beyond excited. Of course as they got older the rewards grew into cashing in tickets for bigger prizes and now at the age my kids are Money is a BIG motivator.

When I saw Goalforit I wished they had been around years ago because I think what they have to offer parents is Priceless and that is why I am sharing it with you. Did I mention it was FREE? Who does not love FREE !!!

So what does Goalforit have to offer?

  • Their Charts will Teach kids about responsibility in a fun, positive and visually engaging way they’ll absolutely love
  • You can easily create a personalized Chart in minutes
  • The Chore Charts can be either used online or printed off
  • You can create an optional reward system for additional positive reinforcement that allows kids to earn points while they learn
  • Behavior Charts and To Do Lists are also available
  • Charts can be made for any age – Yes us Adults can make them too !!!
  • All Charts are completely Customizable with anything you want to add

Here take a look at this Video showing you the Goalforit Chore Chart:

Is that AMAZING or what?

So what are you waiting for – visit Goalforit and create your kids Chore Chart now !! Actually have them help create their own with you.

Here is a look at my To Do List I made for myself – Woot Woot !!! I love it !!!

Remember it is all FREE !!


2 Responses to “Free Personalized Chore Charts for the kids at Goalforit”
  1. Alisha says:

    Love it!!! Thanks for the link… I already created one for my 9 year old!

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