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Free Printable Coloring Pages make Great Party Favors

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frog1 What I love about Free Printable Coloring Pages is that they make great Party Favors and of course they are Budget Friendly. You will find FREE Printable Coloring Pages out there for just about any party theme you have planned.

Ideas for using Coloring Pages as Party Favors:

  • Find some that go with your Birthday Party Theme
  • Print out each design multiplied by the number of kids at the party
  • Make a cover page – saying  something like “Thanks for adding color to my Special Day, now you can add some color to yours.”
  • Add a small pack of  inexpensive crayons
  • Tie it all together with ribbon and you got yourself a favor

It is that easy and believe me parents appreciate that their child is not coming home with a pile of candy and small toys that just get lost in the house. Remember Party Favors are just a small Thank You for coming to the party and do not need to be expensive gifts to each child. Use my “KISS” rule – Keeping it Simple Saves.

To find FREE Printable Coloring Pages to match your party theme all you need to do is go to Google and type in Your Theme and then Coloring Pages. You should come up with a ton of sites that will offer them. If you are looking for a specific Image then look at Google Images. It is that EASY !!



6 Responses to “Free Printable Coloring Pages make Great Party Favors”
  1. vero vazquez says:

    i LOVE THIS SITE!! was having trouble thinking of things for my little girls party. looking here i have the WHOLe thing planned out already.. you guys are AWESOME!!!

  2. Thank you so much – glad u found me !!!

  3. I was browsing for my kids coloring images and come across this page…I am so delighted I clicked this site, my kids love the images. thank you so much.

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