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FREE Printable Conversation Heart Bingo Game

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Looking for a fun game you can play with the kids this Valentine’s Day? If so you may like my Conversation Heart Bingo Game.  This is a fun game that can be played by kids of all ages and puts those Conversation Heart Candies to good use, before you eat them of course.

When I created this Conversation Heart Bingo Game  I decided not to add those fun Sayings on the cards for the reason being that there are so many companies that make these and the sayings differ for each of them. And believe it or not they change up the sayings year to year.

I actually based my Bingo Game on 6 of the most popular Conversation Heart Colors instead: Purple, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Blue & Green. I left white out because that is just boring (lol) – so you can just eat those.

My Conversation Heart Bingo Game is very simple to play and a lot of fun too. It is great for the Classroom, Valentine’s Day Party or just a fun game to play at home with the kids. I have created 12 Different Game Cards, Printable Calling Card Sheet & Printable Heart Tracker Sheet. These are all FREE to print including the How to Play Instructions.

Download & Print them Here:

FREE Printable Conversation Heart Bingo Game

Here is what you will need to play the Conversation Heart Bingo Game:

  • Printable Bingo Cards
  • Printable Calling Card Sheet
  • Printable Heart Tracker Sheet
  • Conversation Heart Candies in Purple, Orange, Pink, Yellow, Blue & Green
  • Markers for Bingo Cards such as Crayons, Pens, Pencils or Stickers

How to Play:

To play the game you need a Bingo Caller  – Parents are good for this

Place all of your Conversation Heart Candies in a bag so you cannot see them. Then reach in and pull one out, then you will take that heart and roll it on the Calling Card Sheet – like you were playing Hopscotch. Which ever letter it lands on or it is closest too will be the one they get to mark off. Example: You pulled a Pink Heart out and it landed on the Letter B, now the kids can mark off only one Pink Heart if they have one under the Column B on their Bingo Card. If they have more than one Pink Heart under that column they can pick any one to mark off they choose, but only one!

Then take your Pink Heart and place it on the Heart Tracker Sheet so you can keep track of what you have already called.  Keep playing until someone gets a Bingo having marked off a row of hearts either vertical or diagonally.

Alternative Game Play:

Another more simple way you can play with younger ones is by just pulling out a Conversation Heart and letting the kids mark off any Heart matching that color on the card, but only one at a time. Keep pulling out hearts until one of them gets a Bingo.

Then when the Game is all over Eat your Candies—Yummy!!!

Take a look at the Conversation Heart Bingo Game in Action:

But the Conversation Heart Games don’t end with just Bingo – Come see some others you can play here:


6 Responses to “FREE Printable Conversation Heart Bingo Game”
  1. Megan says:

    Awesome! I am featuring this on my blog in the morning!

  2. Nancy Mobley says:

    Love the Bingo Cards. A perfect game for Kids that are in Pre-School. I will use this for their Valentine’s Party. Color and Word Recognition Great Tool. Thank you

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