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Fun Party Trend ~ Photo Booths with Photo Props

Lately I have seen the Party Trend of Photo Booths with Photo Props growing and growing. It seemed to start with the fun Mustaches on the sticks, but has now grown into a much larger variety. You can now find these fun Photo Booth Props to go with almost any Party Theme. Not only are they fun, but they make for some great Photos and Memories. So I am going to show you some of them right here.

First let me tell you that I too hopped on the Party Trend Wagon this past Christmas.  We hosted the Family Holiday and cooked up a traditional Italian meal. So I thought it would be fun to create Mustaches on a Stick Photo Props for all of us to have for photos – Mario & Luigi Style. The picture to the left is my kid, niece & Nephew getting in on the action. The kids had so much fun with these and so did the adults and we got some great pictures. Oh the memories…

Creating a Photo Booth

Now you do not need to create a Photo Booth per say like the ones you go in and have your photos snapped, but you can create an area with a great Backdrop. You can buy some of the fun Backdrops from any Party Store – Shindigz has a great variety, Use a Large Sheet or Blanket, Paper etc… Or find a place that makes for a great Background in your home or Outside and that becomes your Photo Booth. I have also seen many take oversized Old Fancy Frames and use them as part of the fun by holding it up in front of them for their pictures – it adds an addition element of fun. I have even seen people hang them suspended from the ceiling.

Check out Lovely Girls Wedding & Events and see some fun ways to create Framed Photo Booths.

So What exactly are these Photo Booth Props?

The latest Photo Booth Prop Trend are on sticks. They can be Mustaches, Glasses, Lips, Hats, Bow Ties, Speech Bubbles etc…  Then the guests just hold them up and they really make for some funny photos. They have even become very popular at Weddings and larger events now as well.

Now you can buy these Photo Props in a variety of styles or you can create them yourself and it is quite Easy. All you need are some long sticks – I actually used Skewers for mine and cut the sharp tips off – they worked perfectly- you can even use extra long Straws if you have some. Then you can create your own by cutting out some of the fun shapes using Craft Foam Sheets, Felt, Print some on Heavy Card Stock or buy some already made. There are a lot of available for Free too – to  find them just Google this: Free Printable Photo Booth Props and you will turn up quite a number of results.

Now let me show you some of my favorites I have seen to inspire you:

Etsy Seller Paper & Cake offers a nice variety of Photo Booth Props and thsi is just a small taste of what you will find in their store. How fun are those Pirate Photo Booth Props – Arrr Matey!!

These fun ones come from Etsy Seller Little Retreats – they have so many sets it will be hard to choose just one – I LOVE the Carnival !!

Check out these Chalkboard Photo Booth Prop Speech Bubbles? These are available from Etsy Seller Funky Junk. They also offer a Dry Erase version – how cool are they?

I think Etsy is the best place to find some of the most creative Photo Booth Props out there and there are 1000’s of choices, trust me.

Now you get the idea of what this Fun Party Trend is all about and maybe you will give it a try at your next party – I am tellin’ ya it is lots of fun.

Now I cannot go without sharing one of my VERY Favorite Photo Booth Props, but this one is Edible. How about some Tootsie Roll Mustaches? These were made by Gourmet Mom on the Go – one of my favorite Blogs.



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    I love photo boots. It becomes more special when you are in a group and it reminds you of those happy and fun memories.

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