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Fun Wall Decals for Party Decoration or Room Decor

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Pink Skull Wall Decals

Pink Skull Wall Decals

I love Wall Decals and here is why – kids go through phases of what their favorite Toys,  Characters and Styles  are constantly. To decorate a room every time that changes can get quite expensive.  So with the Wall Decals it makes this transition easy and affordable being that they can be stuck on the walls and easily removed.

Construction Wall Decals

Construction Wall Decals

Celebrate Express has a line of Wall Decals that are Exclusive to their Party Supplies and can be used as a Party Decoration to coordinate with your Party Themes.

The Designs are Fun, Large and very Colorful. Decals are made of Vinyl, come with a Squeegee and also include Complete Instructions and Care Guide.

So if you are looking for some great Party Decorations to go with your theme that can then be used as a room decoration when the party is over and save money by doubling the use – then these are it.  Who does not like more Bang for their buck?


6 Responses to “Fun Wall Decals for Party Decoration or Room Decor”
  1. Primitive Decor says:

    No one can disagree with what you suggest. It’s a good idea to make the walls look more decorative by adding portrait or scenery. Many people also match the color of the walls with that of a poster hung. In any event, empty walls do not make a house feel lived in, so just adding photo of your family is an option. However, there are so many home decorative accessories available that you just have to choose the right one that best fits your home as well as your pocket book. I recommend a site please check it once :

  2. Tilly Holmes says:

    Room decors should be made from organic materials not synthetic ones as much as possible.~::

  3. Love all the wall decals posted here in your site,Thanks for the share.I’m looking for more design so that i can combine to the project that I’m doing for the room of my little princess.

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