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Furreal Friends Furry Frenzies are moving into the Zhu Zhu Pet Neighborhood

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Looks like the Zhu Zhu Pets will be getting some friends with the New Furreal Friends Furry Frenzies who just moved into town. Hasbro has just released a new line of Interactive Pets that are very similar to Zhu Zhu Pets.  These pets are just as cute and they Skitter, Scatter and Bump and go all over the place. Just like Zhu Zhu Pets they also each make their own noises too.

The Furreal Friends Furry Frenzies come in a variety of pets like, Cats, Dogs, Hedgehog, Squirrel and Raccoon with more on the way. Ironically they have released a Hamster – hmmmm. I guess that is ok since Zhu Zhu Pets has them completely covered.

Each of the Furry Frenzies have cute names too – Here are some of them:

  • Buster Bow Wow (Black & White Dog)
  • Captain Crash (Raccoon)
  • Flurry in a Hurry (White Bunny)
  • Senorita Scamps (Cat)
  • Zippy “Zip” McNutty (Squirrel)
  • Dash McFlash (Hedgehog)
  • Mrs. Daisy Star (Brown Dog)
  • Bumber McBones (Dog)
  • Tizzy Tumbles (Gray Bunny)

Of course these Furry Frenzies have their own Playsets, Outfits, Carriers and Accessories too. Their is a nice variety available and I am so sure much more will be coming as we get closer to our 2010 Holiday Season.

What I love about the Furry  Frenzies Playsets are the fun colors. They remind me of all the Littlest Pets Shop and My Little Pony Toys that my daughter has had.

I have a good feeling the Furry Frenzie Pets will be a hit with the kids, especially the ones who currently love the Zhu Zhu Pets, my daughter included.  I think they will add to the variety of play and will make great friends with the Zhu Zhu Pets. By the looks of it it seems like the Furry Frenzies will work on the Zhu Zhu Playsets and vice versa – I cannot be 100% sure at this point since I have not seen them in person, but I am betting they will.

So if you are looking for a Fun Gift – then add this one to the list. We have had many Furreal Friends in our home with past toys and I have never been disappointed.

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