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Fuzzoodles get Two Thumbs Up and Make a Great Gift

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So it was just recently my daughter’s birthday and with some of her Birthday Money she bought herself some Fuzzoodles.  My daughter had seen these on TV and thought they looked cool. So when we were out at the store  she saw them and decided she wanted to use her Birthday Money and buy some.

I must say these are so adorable and fun. It is like playing with Giant Fuzzy Pipe Cleaners. But you get a bunch of fun Plastic parts like Eyes, Feet and Accessories to add onto them to bring them to life. The Fuzzoodles can be bent any which way – so every time you create a Fuzzoodle they never come out the same. I was Skeptical at first, but I have to tell you that the quality of the Fuzzoodles and Parts are well made and I was surprised.

My daughter gives them Two Thumbs Up and now that she has tried them she wants to go get more to add in so she can create even more of them.  She also had fun taking pictures of her creations when she was done. These also are great to use if you are into Stop Animation and want to create a fun little movie.

I think Fuzzoodles would make a great gift and it keeps the kids busy – it is a Win Win in my book. You can even put them out on a table at your next party for a Party Activity and let the kids have some fun creating and making different Fuzzoodle Characters – they are MESS FREE.

UPDATE: My daughter loved them so much that she spent even more of her Birthday Money and got the entire Fuzzoodle Set – I have been having fun with them too !!!

You can find Fuzzoodles in local stores or Online:

Here is a Fun Stop Animation using Fuzzoodles that was made:

Here is the TV Commercial:


4 Responses to “Fuzzoodles get Two Thumbs Up and Make a Great Gift”
  1. AM says:

    FUZZY FUN !!!

  2. These really are a ton of fun. My 6 year old son really likes these a lot!

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