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Make a Giant Cupcake for your Party

November 7, 2009 by  
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5375_1221174494372_1379229075_621516_2990333_nSurprise your party guests with a Giant Cupcake instead of your regular Birthday Cake.  It is simple to make and provides a great “WoW” factor at any party. The picture shown is from one of my customers who had one at their party and you can see by the kids reactions that a Giant Cupcake is very exciting.

giant cupcake panWilton offers a Giant Cupcake Pan that will give you the shape you need to create one yourself. It has two sides so you get not only the bottom, but the top part as well and creates that 3D Cupcake.  The fun part comes in decorating and you can do that anyway you like to match your party theme. You can also make regular cupcakes to match your Giant one for even more fun. I really love this idea – it is different and as you can see the kids love it.

I also put together a page showing lots of photos and ideas on creating your cupcake and you can visit that page here:

Giant Cupcake Birthday Cakes.

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