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How to Make a Giant S’mores Birthday Cake

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When I saw the picture of this Giant S’mores Birthday Cake my mouth just watered. S’mores are one of our favorite treats to make while we hang around the fire pit in our yard. Well this Birthday Cake was not actually made by me, but it was created by my friend Cynthia. Guess what? Cynthia was happy to share how she made this Giant S’mores Cake so you can make one just like it.

This S’mores Cake was actually made for her husband who is a HUGE fan of S”mores so Cynthia came up with this idea as a surprise for him. When the cake was all made the kids wanted to dig right in and the photo to the right is one of my favorites as the kids try and get a taste of this SWEET Cake before the head off to bed.

I bet those adorable kids had some SWEET Dreams that night knowing the next day they got to eat this amazing S’mores Cake with their daddy.

So here is what Cynthia Used to create this Giant S’mores Birthday Cake:

  • Chocolate Cake
  • Yellow Cake
  • Buttercream Icing
  • Crushed Graham Crackers
  • Marshmallow Fondant (Recipe Below)
  • 8″ Round Cake Pans
  • 8″ x 8″ Cake Pans
  • Cardboard Supports
  • Straws

Graham Cracker & Chocolate Portion of the Cake – These were all made using Chocolate Cake. Cynthia uses the Classic Chocolate Cake Recipe from Hershey’s – See the Recipe HERE.  She filled the 8″ x 8″ Pans with about 4 Cups of the Batter in each one.  She also had a slightly smaller pan she used to make the Chocolate Layer in, but if you do not have one use the 8″ x 8″ one and just cut it down a bit so it is smaller than the Graham Cracker Layer. All of that was able to be done using one batch of batter.

The Graham Cracker Layer was then frosted with a Light Brown Tinted Buttercream Frosting and coated with Crushed Graham Crackers. The Chocolate layer was of course Frosted with a Chocolate Frosting.

The Marshmallow Portion of the Cake – For the Giant Marshmallow Cynthia used a Yellow Cake. She likes using the Yellow Cake Recipe from Wilton – See the Recipe HERE. Then she baked that in 2 8″ Round Cake Pans.

When they were cooled off she trimmed them up kinda crooked so when together then coated they would look more like a Marshmallow.

She also took a piece of Cardboard and placed it underneath as a support for when it all goes together later.

Then she took some of the Buttercream and gave them a thin layer and stuck it together.

Preparing your Marshmallow Fondant – Here is Cynthia’s Marshmallow Fondant Recipe:

I grease a big mixing bowl, throw in a bag of mini marshmallows, 2 Tbls. of water, 1 Tbls. clear vanilla, and 1/2 Cup of Crisco. I heat for 2 minutes.

Then I grease the mixing bowl from my stand-mixer, and pour in the hot marshmallow goop. To that I add about 8 cups of powdered sugar that’s been sifted, and use the dough hook.

Working with it is really easy — if it’s rock-hard from sitting in the cabinet, just slice off what you need and pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds, depending on the size of the blob. You don’t need much heat to reactivate it.

If it’s acting stupid and not being smooth for when you are trying to make flowers or other decorations, I have found it either needs a *little* powdered sugar or a *little* Crisco… sometimes you have to play with it until you get a feel for it and what it needs.

Simply roll it out and use it to cover the 2 Round Cakes that will now become your Marshmallow part of your Giant S’mores.

Building your Giant S’mores Cake – Make yourself a nice Base for your S’mores Cake to sit on. The two bottom layers were prepared for stacking, which means Cynthia put 6 straws in a circle in the middle, cut to the height of the two layers. They held up the marshmallow layer. The top layer of graham crackers wasn’t heavy enough to squash the marshmallow layer, but the yellow cake she used is a nice dense one, good for holding its shape, so she didn’t really brace that layer, but you could if you were worried about a cave-in.

Place one of the Graham Cracker Layers on the Bottom. Then on top of that add your Chocolate Layer. Next comes your Marshmallow – make sure to have a cardboard base under the Marshmallow so it does not sink into your Chocolate Cake. For the last Graham Cracker Layer – make a Base with the cardboard for that one and then simply place on the top. Mmmmmmmm. You now have yourself one GIANT S’more.  If you will be transporting this cake Cynthia says you can easily slip in a dowel through the center and it should stay in place no problem.

I think I would be so excited to have a Giant S’mores Birthday Cake on my Birthday (Family if you are reading this – Hint Hint). Can you just imagine the look on Cynthia’s husbands face when he saw this? I bet he looked not much different than his kids with his tongue hanging out – I know that is how I would look if it were in front of me.

I want to send a Thank You Shout Out to Cynthia for sharing this Cake and How to Make it with us. Stop by her website – Slice of Fun and take a look at all the other amazing SWEET Creations she has made. This is one TALENTED Lady. Thanks Cynthia!!!

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