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Goodnight Moon Party Supplies

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If you are planning a party around the children’s book Goodnight Moon then you will be happy to know they just released these adorable Goodnight Moon Party Supplies.

I was so excited to see these New Goodnight Moon Party Supplies have hit the market – I know they are going to make a lot of parents very happy.

Goodnight Moon was one of the many books I would read to my kids before bed when they were little and I know it is still going strong today. It is one of the cutest little story books out there and the kids love it.

How cute are these party supplies featuring that bunny who would put the kids to sleep as he said goodnight to every little thing and on the balloon is the quiet old lady who was whispering “hush”. I love these !!

The Goodnight Moon Party Favors to match are just as cute – look at that favor box, which you can by separately as well and fill with your own goodies.

For your Goodnight Moon Party I would highly recommend these Goodnight Moon Story Props

to go along with reading the story. Are they cute or what? You can also attach them to a Felt Board as you read or pass them around to the kids. You can even have them pull the items out of the bag and say Goodnight.

Set up the party room with Green Paper on the walls “Green Room” and have the following items in there – Red Balloon, Telephone, Picture of a Cow jumping over the Moon, 3 Bears in Chairs, 2 Kittens, a Pair of Mittens, Toy House, Mouse, Comb, Brush, Clocks, Socks, a Bowl of Mush (Oatmeal) and be sure to have an Old Lady around that can whisper “Hush”.

For a fun party activity you can even have the kid Stuff a Plush Cow, Rabbit, Kitten or Mouse to take home to sleep with at night. Visit my main website The Party Animal to see all your choices.

What a fun party theme this is !!!

To get you inspired just watch this Goodnight Moon Video. Warning – It may make you fall asleep – lol

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