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Halloween Party Pinatas

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If you are throwing a Halloween Party for the kids then you cannot forget about having a Halloween Pinata to add to the fun. There are so many fun Halloween Pinatas on the market –  you will find everything from Jack o Lanterns, Spiders, Witches, Black Cats, Ghosts, Monsters and so many many more. So there is no shortage of choices when it comes to finding one.

The fun part comes with filling your Halloween Pinata. Have some fun with it and do not just fill it with candy since the kids get so much of that when Trick or Treating on Halloween. Add in lots of fun things like Spider Rings, Eyeball Balls, Witches Fingers, Plastic Fangs, Rubber Bats etc…

Also when it comes to the Blindfold have some fun and find a Fun Halloween Mask for them to wear vs. a Plain ol’ Bandana. All you need to do is add some black material or Black Foam and cover the eye holes. I have done this before and it so much more fun. Not only will this be funny to watch as they try to hit the pinata, but it makes for some great pictures.

Oh and forget the Pull String Kit – let the kids have fun the Traditional Way and give them a Broom Stick. Kids love this and the Pull String is boring. Just make sure that the kids are a safe distance away so no gets hurt.

A Few more Pinata Tips:

  • Give each child a Paper Lunch Bag to gather their Candy up in
  • Have some Extra Candy set aside for those who may not be able to get in and get as much as the others

You can see a HUGE selection of Halloween Pinatas at a page I dedicated to them here:

Halloween Party Pinatas

Below are also some of my Favorite Halloween Pinata Picks:


2 Responses to “Halloween Party Pinatas”
  1. Great idea, We always just loaded up the pinata with candy, but I see where it does make sense at halloween to add toys or something else.
    Our kids get their fair share of candy at halloween and it usually keeps them bouncing off the walls for a few days, even when we limit how much candy they can have at a time.
    Thanks for the great tips

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