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Handmade Ice Cream Sundae Party Favors

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If you are looking for a SWEET Unique Party Favor then look no further. When I saw these Ice Cream Sundae Party Favors I was in awe. Of course they are not real Ice Cream, but they definitely look just as sweet – don’t ya think?

These cuties are created by Snickerdoobles Bake Shop who are always Baking up some Amazing Unique Creations.  These Favors are Perfect for your child’s birthday party, an ice cream social, or even a garden tea party!

The Ice Cream Sundae Party Favors are not only cute, but inside is a Usable Colored Wash Towel that is wrapped around a special Goodie for your Party Guest. Each sundae is handmade and includes a decorative white 6 oz styrofoam cup adorned with foam stickers and ribbon trim. Dark brown felt is used for the hot fudge and crinkle cut shred paper is used for whip cream. It is then Topped off with tiny foam stickers for the sprinkles and  a red pom pom for the cherry on top. How cool is that? Sorry no Pun intended there – lol.

To Order yours Visit:

Snickerdoodles Bake Shop

And I also need to add these are not the only Unique Party Supplies they carry either. You will also find Homemade Edible Cookies (yum), Party Favor Treat Containers, Ice Cream Soda Sundae Bath Salts, Washcloth Flower Cupcake Party Favors and so much more.  All Handmade and Amazing.


4 Responses to “Handmade Ice Cream Sundae Party Favors”
  1. kris says:

    you are so creative…this soo cute…i want to know how did you do this…im a party favor organizer i want to present this to my client……thanks for sharing this!!

  2. These are not made by me, but by a very creative lady who sells them on Etsy.

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