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Happy Feet Costumes

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Watch the kids start tapping their feet to the music in one of these Happy Feet Costumes.

Who has not fallen in love with Mumble from the Happy Feet Movie? What’s even more exciting is you will fall in love with him all over again in the upcoming Happy Feet 2 Movie due to hit theaters November 2011.

This year they have finally come out with these adorable Happy Feet Costumesand how could the kids resist dressing up as their favorite Dancin’ Penguin. These Happy Feet Costumes come in Regular and Deluxe and to be honest I do not see much of a difference between the two.

Each one includes a jumpsuit with attached foot covers and a character headpiece.

Both of these are available here Happy Feet Costumes.

I also located this Mumble Happy Feet Costume and Happy Feet Dancing Penguin Feet here on Amazon. The Costume includes: penguin cap, wings, bow tie suit and says it is for ages 4+. The Penguin Feet let you tap out a tune just like Mumble. Music and motion-sensitive sound effects are in sync with your steps as you rat-a-tat-tat.  How fun is that? They say they fit ages 4-8.

And remember these Happy Feet Costumes are not just for Halloween, kids love to play dress up year round. If you are planning a Happy Feet Birthday Party what better way for the guest of honor to greet their guests – dressed up as Mumble !! How fun would that be?

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