Saturday, June 15, 2024

Hawaiian Flower Leis for your Luau Party

When I had my daughter’s Luau Birthday Party I had an AlohaTable set up and as  the guests arrived my daughter greeted each of her guests by giving them a Lei, A Flower for their Hair (if it was a girl)  and a Flower Lei Ankle Bracelet (you can use a regular bracelet).

What  a great way to get the party started. The kids loved it and they all looked great. One of my favorites is the Mohula Floral Leis – they are so pretty and just so much nicer than your regular plastic ones. Also remember these all double as a party favor.

Now I made my hair clips for my daughter’s party, but you can buy Silk Flower Hair Combs or even Silk Flower Hair Bands. The other thing I did to my daughter’s hair flower to make it a little extra special was I took some glitter glue and brushed glitter on the pedals to make hers sparkle in the sun.

I have a HUGE selection of Hawaiian Leis , Hair Bands and Bracelets in my Party Store.

So make your Hawaiian Luau Party extra special and greet your guests with a “ALOHA” table and make they feel like they have just stepped into the tropics.

This is my Aloha Table and in the other picture you can see the pretty Flower in my Daughter’s Hair.

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