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Hello Kitty Airwalker Birthday Party Balloon

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hello-kitty-airwalker-balloonI am in love with these Airwalker Balloons and just found this adorable Hello Kitty Ballerina 31″ Airwalker Balloon that is so sweet. Airwalker Balloons are large balloons that have special weights in them to allow them to float freely towards the ground and look as though they are walking.

I also suggest when the party is over you deflate the balloon and you can then use it in your child’s room and hang it on the wall for a decoration – more bang for your buck as I say.

Now to get your party started off right you can find some of the best Unique Custom Personalized Hello Kitty Party Invitations on EBay. You will find everything from Hello Kitty Ticket Style Invites to my favorite – Hello Kitty Scratch Off Party Invitations. The scratch off invitations add some extra fun when your guest to be receives them – they have to scratch off the circle to reveal the picture of the Party Child – now that I think is just fun.


You won’t be at any loss to find some great Hello Kitty Party Supplies – there is a lot out there. The hardest part of that will be choosing what you need – they are all so cute. You can find some Unique Hello Kitty Party Favors also on Ebay and there is a really large selection of items from Personalized Candy Wrappers, Stickers, Tattoos, Toys and so much more.

Create your own Birthday Cake for the party with Hello Kitty Cake Supplies. Again there is so much available from Hello Kitty Cake Pans, Hello Kitty Edible Cake Images, Hello Kitty Cupcake Rings, Hello Kitty Edible Sugar Shapes, Hello Kitty Cookie, Jello and Pudding Molds and more…

Hello Kitty Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treat

Hello Kitty Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treats.  These are the perfect edible party favor and the kids absolutely love them. Each treat is about 4-5 ounces, 4+ inches in size and they come individually wrapped and on a stick.  They are made fresh to order. To read more about them and to see additional photos – visit our website; The Party Animal.

All you need to do is add a Thank You Note attached to each with a pretty ribbon and the kids have a great treat to enjoy after the party. It is hard to tell from the photo, but these are so very big – it took me 3 times to eat all of mine.

I have even attached a juice box with mine for the kids as part of the party favor so they have a nice drink to help wash it done. The parents also loved them.


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