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Hippo Party Supplies and Party Ideas

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Thinking of planning a Hippo Party Theme? If so then you have to take a look at some of these adorable Hippo Party Supplies and Party Ideas I have to share with you.

I do not know what it is but I have Hippopotamuses on the brain lately. Maybe it is because we are getting close to the holidays and I always think of the song “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”. Yes I have been told I am not normal way to often, but that is ok because normal is boring !! So just when I was dreaming of my Hippo wrapped under the tree in a Big Red Bow some new Hippo Party Supplies were released. Talk about timing right?

So I did a bit more digging to see what else I could find as far as Hippo Party Supplies go. Believe it or not there is really not a lot of Hippo stuff out there, so let me show you some of the cool things I did find…

So here are the Hippo Party Suppliesthat just came out. These are beyond cute and they are available in both Pink and Blue. I love the way the Hippos look like they are in 3D the way they are illustrated. Of course you will find everything to match with these as well including Hippo Wall Decals, Hippo Cupcake Boxes, Hippo Banners and even Hippo T-Shirts for the Birthday Child and much much more.

Check out this Hippo Pinata – is that cute or what? This would make a great Table Centerpiece until it is time to break it open for the loot.

Let the kids have fun with this Stuff a Plush Hippo Party Activity. These are available on my main website,The Party, and each kit comes with a 16″ Plush Hippo, Stuffing, Costume Birth Certificate, Wishing Star Insert and Directions. It is just like Build a Bear, but can be done right in your home for a fraction of the cost. Kids love to stuff these by hand and be able to take them home to hug and love. These also double as a Party Favor so even more savings. That Hippo is way too cute !!

Here are some fun Hippo Party Games I was able to find.

Hungry Hungry Hippos – Just a Classic !!

Hula Hippos– Kids spin the hula-hoop and then quickly flick your wooden hippos so they end up inside the hoop when it stops spinning. The first player to get four hippos into the hoop wins.

Hippo Bean Bags – Great to use for a fun Hippo Toss Game. Use a Bucket, a Hula Hoop or even create numbered circles for scoring on the floor the kids can toss them on.

Hunt-A-Potamus Party Game– There’s a hippo hiding in that pile of animals, and the first to find it wins!

Hippo Bubbles – This is just fun to have sitting on the table blowing bubbles – who does not love bubbles?

Play-doh Hungry Hungry Hippos Playset – This could be a fun activity for the kids to do – Play-Doh Fun !!

Now check out some of these Hippo Birthday Cake, Cupcake and Treat Ideas I found.

The Hippo Cake is not as hard to make as it looks and you can find direction here at Family Fun.

The next cake is a Hungry Hungry Hippo Cake that I think is so clever using part of the actual game. Love that !!

I was also able to find Wilton’s Hippo Cake Pan on Ebay.

You can also top your cake with the Hippo Cake Toppers. They look like they are popping out of the water.

Now check out this cool find – Happy Hippo Biscuits !! These are available in Hazelnut and Cocoa Flavors and they look delicious if you ask me.

How about some Hippo Cookie made with Nutter Butter Cookies and Orange Froot Loops – see directions HERE.

You can even create Hippo Cookies simply by using one of the many Hippo Cookie Cutters available.

And you can find a nice selection of Hippo Cupcake Toppers on Etsy. The ones pictures are from Etsy Seller Sams Craft Corner.

When it comes to your Hippo Party Favors , there are so many Hippo Books on the market send the kids home with one. You can also add in some fresh baked cookies and a juice box so the kids have a good read and a snack to enjoy to go along with it. A Party Favor you can feel good about sending home.

So have you been inspired by all these fun Hippo Party Supplies and Ideas? Will you be planning a Hippo Party?

I still want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. I wonder if they can be litter trained…..

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