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Hop Movie Birthday Party Theme

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The New Hop Movie will be in theaters April 1st and having a Hop Birthday Party Theme would be a perfect one for those Spring Birthdays. So let me Hop to it and give you some ideas for the party.

I am very excited for this Hop Movie myself and will definitely be taking the kids to see it. It has been a long time since there has been a new movie out based on the Easter Bunny and it looks adorable and very funny.

The movie is about E.B. who is the son of the Easter Bunny, but on the eve of the day he is supposed to take over and continue the family business he has different plans. Instead he leaves for Hollywood to pursue his dreams of being a drummer. He crashes into Fred and that is where the fun begins. Will Easter be done for? You will just have to see the movie to find out, but for now lets PARTY.

First a quick Note: A Hop Movie Party is not only fun for Spring, but would be fun anytime of year. I believe this movie will be one of those you can watch over and over again. My tip to you is that if you are planning to use this as your theme when it is not Springtime to make sure you shop all the Easter Clearance sales for your party goodies for this one and save lots of money !!

Lets start off with your Hop Party Invitations which you will be able to find on EBay. There is a nice selection of Hop Movie Ticket Style Invitations as well as Hop Movie VIP Pass Invitations available to choose from.  Either of these would be a great way to get the party started off whether you are taking the kids to see the movie in the theaters or not.

All of the Hop Invites can be personalized with your party information and some you can even add a photo of the birthday child on. In addition to that most sellers will offer you the option of printing them from home – so if you are a last minute party planner that is not a problem.

Lets Hop On…..

At this time there are no Official Hop Movie Party Supplies, but that is ok because this one is so easy. When it comes to the paper goods you can either go with Solid Colors in any color really or check out the Jelly Bean Party Supplies (pictured to the left) I found. Now those would work perfectly – don’t ya think?

Then when it comes to decorating for this party theme bring out all your Easter Decorations to save money since it is all about Easter. Have bowls of Jelly Beans and Easter type candies out on the table as well – oh and don’t forget the Carrots!! You can even hang up some of the Hop Movie Posters in the party area to tie in the Movie.

Just set the scene of Easter and you are good to go. You can even create an easy Happy Birthday Banner by cutting out Jelly Bean Shapes from Colored Construction Paper – Hole Punch each one and add string to hang or just tape each Jelly Bean to the wall. So Easy, Inexpensive and Adorable.

Now for the Fun Part – Hop Party Games & Activities !!

Easter Island is a very busy place – that is where the Bunnies and Chicks work hard to make all that Candy and create the Easter Baskets. So why not play off of this and create your very own Easter Island in your yard or home. This game can also double as part of your Party Favors for the kids to take home. What I would do is buy a bunch of Easter Candy such as Chocolate Bunnies, Jelly Beans, Plastic Eggs, Peeps, Easter Grass etc…  I would have enough of each for each child along with their very own Easter Basket. I would then either photograph and print out a picture of each of those items or write them down. Then hide all of the within your yard or home really good.  Give each guest their Empty Easter Basket and place on a table then on go tell them the 1st item they have to go find for their Basket – for instance find the Green Easter Grass. Once they have found it they must come back and place it into their Easter Basket. They can only find one item at a time that you specify. Keep doing this until they have found all the goodies on the list and have created their Baskets. You can even go as far as having them find one of those Easter Basket Bags & Ribbon to tie it all up as the very last thing they do. Then they get to go home with a complete packaged Easter Basket. They will love that no matter what time of the year it is !!!

Of course you can also do an Easter Egg Hunt too, but change it up a bit. Instead of having Candy in the Eggs make it more fun. Have a whole bunch of Plastic Easter Eggs and for each guest take 8 of them and write out HOP MOVIE so each egg has one letter in permanent marker. Then on all the Eggs you have left add any other letter of the Alphabet but the letters you have used for that. Mix them all up and hide them all over your yard or home. On go the kids must run and find each letter to spell out HOP MOVIE and bring them back to a designated spot. BUT the kicker is that they can only bring back one letter at a time. The first to completely spell out HOP MOVIE first wins !!! You can have prizes for the winner and even do 1st, 2nd, 3rd all others maybe win something smaller.

***Bonus – You can also hide a picture of Hop in one of the eggs  – BUT do not tell them so after they have all their letters up you can have them open them up to see who has it for yet another prize – oh so sneaky…***

How about a Giant Carrot Pinataat the party?  So what do you fill that with? Easter Candy of course. To make it more fun fill bunch of Plastic Easter Eggs and add those in there too. I would also add individual packages of Baby Carrots to offset all that candy – lol. You can also find lots of fun Easter related Toys to fit in the pinata at Oriental Trading, but I would look for usable things like Bouncy Balls, Pencils, Small Bottles of Bubbles, Necklaces, Bracelets etc… Try to stay away from the useless junky things.

Easter Egg coloring is also a great activity for this party, but if you do not want to get out all that Dye if you have a lot of kids at the party then have them Decorate some Plastic or Wood Eggs. Then gather up some Markers & Stickers and let them go to town.

Have the kids play Hide and Seek – The seekers will be the Pink Berets who in the movie are the ones that are trying to locate Hop. So the child who is hiding is Hop.  You can also do the same thing playing a Game of Tag – the child who is it is of course Hop. Add an extra element of fun to the game and give all the Pink Berets a Pink Hat or a Pink Bandanna to wear and Hop can wear these FREE Printable Hop Bunny Ears.

You can even have the kids Stuff a Plush Bunny or Duck (I know not a Chick like Carlos, but it looks like him even though it is really a Duck – shhh no one will know).  These Stuff a Plush are available on my main website : The Party Animal. There are many styles to choose from and they are also available in both 16″ and 8″ Sizes depending on your budget. Each kit comes complete with Plush, Stuffing, Custom Hop Birth Certificate, Wishing Star insert and Directions.

The kids stuff these by hand and there is no sewing required. They make a great Activity and Party Favor the kids will love.

Here are a bunch more fun Party Games you can incorporate into your Hop Party. All of these Easter Party Games are available from Oriental Trading.

And don’t forget your Jar full of Jelly Beans for the kids to Guess How many to win the Jar to take home !!!

Oh so many ideas….

When it comes to Cake time creating a Hop Birthday Cake is Easy. You can do almost anything for this. Create an Easter Egg Cake using an Egg Shaped Baking Pan, Create a Bunny Cake or just decorate your cake with Jelly Beans and Easter Candy. Anything Easterish will do  – so you can have so much fun with this.

I really like the Easter Egg Cake Pops by Modern Foodie you see pictured to the left in the fake grass – That is too cool. It also adds to the Table decor too. The kids will love picking one out to have don’t ya think? I know I would.

But being I am a Big Fan of Cupcakes at a Party, I have created some FREE Printable Hop Movie Cupcake Toppers you can use.  There are 12 different designs available to print and they all have that cute Jelly Bean Border.  All you need to do is Print out on Cardstock, Cut out and tape a Toothpick or Craft Stick to the back and place into your Frosted Cupcakes – so simple.

Add some Jelly Beans or Easter Candies to the top and you are done !!!  You can even add some Edible Green Easter Grass (Candy) and then add your Jelly Beans to the top. Fun Fun Fun !!!

Now here are some additional Hop Party Favors and or Prizes for the party…

I always love to send the kids home with books and there are quite a few Hop Movie Books available for all age levels.Then you can add in a fun Bookmark in the shape of a carrot that you can make using some Orange Foam Craft Sheets. Just cut the shape of a Carrot and outline with Black Marker and make some line details. Then Hole Punch a hole at the top and add a bunch Green Curling Ribbon Strands to the top !! So Easy.

Next you can stick in a Jelly Bean Carrot – All you need are some of these Clear Cone Shaped Bags and some Green Tissue Paper. Now if you do not want to send the kids home with so much candy instead of sticking Orange Jelly Beans in the bag add in Goldfish or Cheetos instead – same look less the Candy !!

Available on the Official Hop Movie Website are a bunch of FREE Hop Movie Printables like Coloring Pages, Activity Sheets, Hop Ears etc… Print some of those out for each party guest and stick them with your Party Favors too – gotta love FREE.

To go along with the Activity Sheets I would also stick one of these Drumstick Pencilsinto each guest bag as well. These are fun since E.B. did have big dreams of becoming a Drummer ya know!!

I know it is gross to us, but the kids LOVE the fact that E.B. poops Jelly Beans. So if you can find these Walking Funny Bunny Jelly Bean Dispensers that Poop Jelly Beans you have to add one in. The kids will get such a kick out of them.  I was able to find some on Ebay – they seem hard to find and probably even harder after the movie hits. But if you are lucky you will probably be able to find them in your local store out for Easter.

Add a drink and the kids will have a good book to read along with a snack to enjoy along with it – Egg-Cellent !!

I hope was helpful in your Hop Party Planning !!! If you have any additional ideas that you think I should add just Contact Me and I would be happy to add them on!!


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  1. carla says:

    hi i want that hop movie chick plush!!!!!!!!! the hop movie rocks!

  2. Carrie B. says:

    Wow, thanks for all the amazing ideas! We are having a Hop party in 2 weeks and I was having trouble until I found your site. Much obliged!

  3. Lisa Smith says:

    Hi there, great blog with awesome ideas. I am a new follower to you now on here and twitter Follow back if you like, keep up the great blogs. Have a great day.

  4. Awww Thanks for stopping by !!!

  5. Jelly Bean Party and Hop Movie Posters must have given the best fun for kids.

  6. Paulette says:

    I haven’t been able to find any HOP invites on Ebay yet…..have you seen them, or found someone that makes them? THANK YOU!

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