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Hot Wheels Video Racers now lets kids Video the action

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Who would have thought the day would come when our kids Hot Wheels Cars would now come equipped with a Video Camera and a built in LCD Screen. It is true folks that is what these New Mattel Hot Wheels Video Racers are all about so be prepared when then show up on the kids Christmas list this year.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am really feeling my age now with all this new technology taking over the toy world. My son loved to play and collect Hot Wheels Cars as a child and we still have them all to this day. Geez my husband still has some of his childhood favorites as well. My son would have gone crazy to be able to capture the fun on Video, but the young kids today will be able to do just that.

So what exactly are these New Hot Wheels Video Racers?

Hot Wheels Video Racer is the first Hot Wheels car with a video camera and LCD screen built-in that allows kids to capture and produce 12 minutes of footage.

Kids can playback and delete their footage. They can also add preloaded music and special effects to their video. The footage can then be uploaded to a computer using the camera’s USB port.

Video Racer works on any Hot Wheels track, but kids can also attach the car to their wrist, bike, helmet or skateboard to capture their own adventures on video.

Also New: Wall Tracks is Hot Wheels’ first racing track that kids can run vertically up a wall, closet door or along the corner of the room. Wall Tracks can connect to Hot Wheels floor tracks.

Source CnnMoney

Retail Price Video Racer $59.99 ~ Wall Tracks Starter Set $29.99

Is that amazing or what? I think that these cars are just too cool and the kids are going to LOVE these.

You can find these available on Amazon here:

New Mattel Hot Wheels Video Racers

Take a Look at the Hot Wheels Video Racers in Action at the Toy Fair:


4 Responses to “Hot Wheels Video Racers now lets kids Video the action”
  1. Steph says:

    My husband saw these and he so wants one for our sons! Though I think he just wants to play with them himself…

  2. Lol – I bet my hubby would want one too, but I am not gonna tell him about it – hee hee

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