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Have you ever wondered how they make Balloons?

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We all know a party is not a party without Balloons, but have you ever given much thought on how they are made? Sometimes it is very cool to see the process in which the things we love are created.  I was fascinated when I watched how they made balloons so I have to share it with you too.

I am a big fan of the show How its Made on the Science Channel and I watch it all the time. I am truly amazed every time I watch how the things I think are so simple really take a lot of time to create.  One of my all time favorites to watch is How they make Crayons – I love that !!!

Anyway I was watching the show today and they had on How they Make Balloons – you know I have never given that much thought, but after I watched again I was amazed. It is just so cool to see. I was able to find it on You Tube cause you really need to see too.

Here take a look and see for yourself How they make Balloons:

Did you hear that Balloons use to be made of dried Animal Bladders? I hope you said ewwww like I did, I am so happy that is not the case anymore cause that was probably really gross.

Now how cool was that? I will never look at Balloons the same way now that I know how they are made – you?

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