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How to Dye Flowers to match your Party Decorations

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I was going through some of my pictures when I came across Flowers I had dyed for my 4th of July Party a few years back. I love  Fresh Cut Flowers and I am lucky I have lots of Flowers in my own Garden to cut and have out during the Spring and Summer. One of my favorite Flowers are the Daisies and one of the reasons is because they are fun to Dye different colors. It is so Easy and the Kids love to get involved and watch.

There are many ways you can Dye Flowers and even special Dyes made just for that, but for me I use Food Coloring and it works just as good I think.

So for my 4th of July Party I thought it would be fun to have some Patriotic Daisies on the Table. So to get this look all I did was cut some of my Daisies from the Garden, get out my Red and Blue Food Coloring,  some tall glasses with a small amount of water and I was ready to get creating.

I had two glasses – one for the Red and one for the Blue. I added the Food Coloring into the Glass and mixed well – the more color you add the deeper it will appear on the flowers.  I cut my Daisy Stems on an angle in different heights and placed them into the Glasses.  Now the fun begins. You can actually watch as the color slowly absorbs onto the Flower Pedals – love that and so do the kids.

Let them sit in the coloring until you get your desired colors – I let some of the flowers sit for different amounts of time to get some fun variation.

Then arrange them in a Vase and you are good to go – So Easy and Fun !!!!


4 Responses to “How to Dye Flowers to match your Party Decorations”
  1. Susan52 says:

    Ooh, great idea! I’ve seen Queen Ann’s Lace growing recently (wild carrot). I think they take color well, or maybe I’m remembering wrong. Anyway, it will be fun to try it out.

  2. I think it will work great with Queen Ann’s Lace – no doubt in my mind. Send me some pics if you do it.

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