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How to make an iPod Party Favor

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how to make an ipod party favor

I have to share this creative find with you all. I think this iPod Party Favor is so simple yet will pack a big WoW to your party guests. It is not hard to make and my favorite part is that it is BUDGET FRIENDLY.  So let me share how you can make them your self with Step by Step Instructions.

What you will Need:

  • Packages of Keebler Crackers or any other brand that comes in the same size package
  • Wrapping Paper – Solid is best, but you can use what you wish
  • White String
  • 2 Hershey Kisses for each iPod
  • Wheel and Screen printed out to be used on the front – See below for Template
  • Scotch Tape and Scissors
  • Glue Stick

ipod party favor 1

Have your Crackers and Paper ready – remember you can use any brand and flavor of these crackers  – the shape of the package is what matters the most.

ipod party favor 2

Wrap all of your cracker packages just like you would wrap a present. Make sure to be neat with your folds and as tight as you can make it.

ipod party favor 3

Now cut a long piece of string, fold it in half and tape it to the back of your wrapped crackers. Then take 2 Hershey Kisses and tape the string to the bottoms. You have now created your earphones.

ipod party favor 4

Now cut out your Wheel and Screen (See below for template) and tape or use a Glue Stick to glue it to the top of the iPod. Glue will give you a much smoother look. Allow it to dry.

how to make an ipod party favor

You have now made your iPod Party Favors – How simple was that? Now I wish I could take credit for this creative idea, but I cannot. I was given permission by the crafty person who made these to share it with you on my blog.

You can visit her blog and find that she is happy to share the templates she used for the Wheel and Screen – Everythingthatisnice.

ipod candy bar wrapper favor

Another similar party favor I found are these great Personalized iPod Candy Bar Wrappers that are sold on Ebay.  Something Sweet Favors and Things is the genius behind this great idea and they will add your child’s photo along with the sentiment of your choice. They are printed on a High Quality Laser Printer and ready to wrap your favorite candy bar. They also sell wrappers in many designs and for Tic Tacs, Matchbook Mints, Pay Doh Containers, Bubble Labels, Gift Cans and more.

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