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How to make Worms in Dirt Party Dessert

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I have to share this party favorite my sister makes that is hit every year at our Summertime Parties. It is edible Worms and Dirt. Looks gross (which the kids love), but tastes so yummy.

Oh and did I mention it makes for great conversation?

It is simple and fun to make and you can do many variations, but I will share the way we make it.

First you need a NEW clean plastic Beach Pail with Shovel.

What to Fill it up with:

3-4 Regular Size Boxes of  Instant Chocolate Pudding Mix – made according to directions

Cool Whip

Chocolate Graham Crackers

Gummy Worms

My Sista Peep does it in layers – she makes some layers with just the chocolate pudding – maybe adds in some cookie crumbs and a layer of pudding mixed a little with the cool whip. Then you top it with crushed Chocolate Graham Crackers to make the dirt – add your gummy worms – have some stick out of the top – you can even put some in the layers if you like – for a fun surprise.

Add the Shovel for effect and a scoop when ready to eat.  Stick it in the fridge till dessert time and watch the smiles as you bring it to the table.

Eat it up YUM!!!

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