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How to make your own Unique Birthday Party Invitations using Balloons

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balloon-invitationsMake your own Party Invitations using Balloons – not only will your guests love getting one of these, but they are BUDGET FRIENDLY. It may take a little work, but the pay off of compliments will be well worth it.

Here is what you do:

Buy some Solid Colored Balloons – lighter colors will work the best.

Have a Permanent Marker – you can use black or colors.

Blow up the Balloon without knotting it and write all your party information – you can do both sides.

Tip: You can use a Balloon Pump

to blow them up –  so you do not put your mouth on it being your guests who receive this will have to blow it up.

Then when done deflate the Balloon, Stick it in colored envelope and send them to the guests you are inviting to the party.

When they get it they will have to blow up the Balloon for all the party information.

How fun and easy is that?

You can use this idea with any Party Theme and everyone will love it.


2 Responses to “How to make your own Unique Birthday Party Invitations using Balloons”
  1. Brandon says:

    I love this idea, we did the same thing for my wife’s baby shower invitations. Everyone LOVES how unique it is when you can get balloons printed with custom image and text! I found you can get small quantities online for pretty cheep… I went with
    Best of luck!

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