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Hunger Games Party Invitations and Supplies

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Are you looking to plan a Hunger Games Party? If so I am going to share with your some great Hunger Games Party Invitations and Supplies that will help you pull it off.

The Hunger Games

is a popular books series that has now been made into a movie which is due out in theaters March 23rd, 2012. The Hunger Games are an annual event in which one boy and one girl aged 12 to 18 from each of the 12 districts surrounding the Capitol are selected by lottery to compete in a televised battle in which only one person can survive. Sounds crazy right?

To be honest I had never really heard much about it until my son started reading the book series and then all of a sudden the movie trailers began showing on TV. Personally I think it looks like a great story and I will definitely go see it in theaters with my son when it comes out.

The Hunger Games is a great theme for a party and you will be surprised by the amount of party supplies out there that can help you with your planning. For starters how cool are the Hunger Games Party Invitations

you see pictured in the photo above? I love the ticket style especially if you are planning the party around the movie. The ones you see pictured are sold by ebay seller Olivia’s Collection. They’re perfect !!

Now you will not find any Official Hunger Games Party Supplies out there at this time, but no problem.  In stead you can incorporate the colors of fire to bring it to life. Use Solid Colored Party Supplies such as the Black and Orange Party Supplies

you see pictured to your left.

There are also plenty of Flame Party Supplies

on the market for you to fill in touches to your decorating as well. Of course you also hang up a few of the many choices of The Hunger Game Posters that are out for the movie and they are also inexpensive. I love using posters because the serve double duty – when the party is over your child can hang them in their rooms – love that !!

In addition to those ideas check out all The Hunger Games Merchandise

that is out there such as Bookmarks, Keychains, Hunger Games Pins, Necklaces, Pens, Pencils etc..  These can be used for your Hunger Games Party Favors or prizes for games at the party. I am truly amazed at all the merchandise out there surrounding The Hunger Games – who knew?

Here are a few EASY Hunger Games Cupcakes, Cake and Cookie Ideas for some inspiration. I really like the Sugar Cookies – those are so different. Of course is you are uber talented you can create a Hunger Games Birthday Cake that resembles the book cover, BUT lets get real not all of us can pull that off. So why not keep it simple and easy right?

Hunger Games Cupcake Sleeves – You can buy the sleeves here, but you will also find a yummy recipe for Red Velvet Cupcakes with White Chocolate too

Lucks Edible Flame Prints

– This is an edible wrap you can add to your baked and frosted cake – Easy Peasy !!

Hunger Games Cookies – These are made using letter stamps and sayings from the book – I love these !!

Fire Cupcakes – Love these too – flames were made using Chocolate Candy Melts

Have fun planning the party and I hope I was able to give you some ideas. Again I am really looking forward to the movie it looks really good. When my son shows interests in a book – I know it has to be good – he so hates to read normally – lol.


8 Responses to “Hunger Games Party Invitations and Supplies”
  1. Whittney says:

    how can i get the hunger game movie ticket invites

  2. Click on the link (purple words) within the post and it will take you directly to them ;o)

  3. trina redard says:

    clicked on purple words by invite but only got bigger pic of tickets??

  4. Not sure if any are being sold on Ebay right now – check on Etsy – if you do not see any contact a seller and see if they can make them up for you. Once the popularity of a theme dies down they usually stop listing them, but will still make them if asked.

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