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iCarly Birthday Party Supplies

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Are your kids looking to party iCarly style?  Let me show you some iCarly Party Suppliesto help you plan your iCarly Birthday Party. Kids are head over heels for this Nickelodeon TV Show starring Miranda Cosgrove and to be honest – I like it too. I think they show is well done and with the cast of main characters Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer you are sure to laugh every time you watch it.

For the party you will find available the Official iCarly Party Supplies which you see feature i the photo to your left. This comes with everything you need from your Paper Plates, Balloons, Streamers etc… You can also opt to purchase any of the items ala carte and mix in some solid colors of your choice to help save some money.

You can find a HUGE variety of  iCarly Party Invitations on EBay – everything form iCarly Ticket Style Invitations to iCarly VIP Pass Invitations and more.

BUT I came across these iCarly Scratch Off Party Invitations that I think are so different and unique that they would be a great way to get your party started off . These iCarly Invitations look just like iCarly’s website, but all your party information is on there. If you look at the photo above the car – that is where they would have to scratch off to reveal whose party it is. Do you love these interactive invites or what?

Each iCarly Scratch Off Invite is 4×6 and come with the envelopes to mail them out in. They are printed on High Quality Laser Paper and printed with High Quality Ink – so they have a smooth finish.

The same seller also carries coordinating items like: iCarly Water Bottle Labels, Thank You Notes, iCarly Candy Bar Wrappers and more. So you can pretty much get a lot of you shopping done right there – Extra Bonus.

For some iCarly Party Games you can have some fun with this iCarly Bingo Game that you can also have personalized.  These iCarly Bingo Cards are wonderful and they are 5.5″ x 8.5″ and are printed on white 110 pound card stock. You can order as many as you need and they come complete with your calling cards as well. They feature lots of fun photos from the iCarly TV show and all your favorite iCarly Characters. There is no doubt that the kids would not have a lot of fun playing some iCarly Bingo at the party.

You can also have some fun with an iCarly Pinata. Since there are no official iCarly Pinatas you can find a variety of custom made pinatas on Ebay. There are a number of design choices to choose from. The iCarly Pinata you see pictured to your right matches the iCarly Party supplies perfectly and is sold by The Original World of Pinatas. This one is 20″ x 12″ in size and can be used as either a Pull String Pinata or a Traditional Smash. The Pull Strings come with it if you choose to use them.

For your Fillers I find that Ebay offers a very nice assortment of iCarly Pinata Fillers to chose from – All those fun little things.

There are also a lot of options when it comes to your iCarly Birthday Cake – you can go the route of an iCarly Edible Cake Image or one of the many iCarly Cake Topper available. Either way they are both a great choices and make for quick and easy cake decorating with minimal effort, but will tie it all together for a SWEET look.

But if you are a Cupcake person like myself – not to worry there are fun options for them as well. You can find a nice variety of iCarly Cupcake Rings which are a nice bonus for the guests who get to lick the frosting off and keep them as part of a party favor. You can also find a number of iCarly Edible Cupcake Images as well.

When it comes to your iCarly Party Favors – yes can get the matching iCarly Favor Box to the party supplies or you can do something a little different. Send the kids each home with an iCarly Book – there are so many out there, they are inexpensive and it is a party favor you can feel good about sending home with the kids. In addition to that you can add in an iCarly Bookmark, maybe some Baked Cookies and a Drink. They the kids not only have a good read, but they have a snack to go along with it. Simple, Easy and parents with thank you.

If You have had an iCarly Party and have some ideas to share with my readers – Please do so by leaving them in the Comments for us.


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  1. julia says:

    i totally want those scratch off icarly invites…i cant seem to find them..can you help..

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