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iCarly celebrates her Birthday with an iCarly Bedroom Makeover

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My kids love the show iCarly and to be quite honest – I do too. I think it is very funny and well done. Miranda Cosgrove who plays iCarly has grown up on TV before our eyes and this Friday July 30th, 2010 she will be celebrating her birthday on the iCarly Show titled “iGot a Hot Room”. Her birthday on the show does not come without sadness and surprises though. Spencer gives iCarly a Gummi Bear Lamp he made for her Birthday Present. It turns out the lamp starts  a fire in her her Bedroom and everything is destroyed, BUT her brother Spencer and her friends team together to give Carly a teenage room of her dreams.  Now this is a Birthday present any kid would dream of.

After our kids see this show you know they are going to want to have a room just like iCarly has, not only is it Hip, but it is Unique and Sweet. The fun part is that all of the items that were used to create iCarly’s New Bedroom are available so maybe you can create one for your child just like it – or maybe close.

I want to share with you the New iCarly Bedroom and where you can buy the items that have been used to create it.  So here we go….

Lets start with iCarly’s New Bedding. The bedding set that iCarly has on her bed is called Birdcage.  This design features birds and cages on one side and vivid arrays of flowers on the other, themes that are carried over to the sham. This bedding set can be found at Bed, Bath and Beyond and is available in sizes: Twin, Full and Queen.

Then on the Bed are some extra Pillows. The two Purple Pillow cases are a Bird on a Wire Pillowcase Set which I found available at  Dorm Co.Com. I have only been able to find them in white – so I am thinking the ones used in the New iCarly Bedroom may have been dyed – which you can do as well using Fabric Dye.

The bed would not be complete without those funny crazy sayings you always see on the iCarly Shirts worn. On her bed their are two Penny T Pillows – one says “Church Pants” and the other reads ” Ointment 500″.  I do not think these ares old in stores so you will have to create these by simply finding a couple throw pillows and using some Iron On Letters create some fun sayings or use the ones just like iCarly has.

Now iCarlys New Fabric Headboard is Berry Purple (My favorite Color) and it features two speakers and place to store your iPod or MP3 Player. This Headboard attaches easily to most standard bed frames and has everything you’ll need: power cord, headphone cords, power and y-adapters. This Headboard is called Your Zone Loft Collection Speaker Headboard and you can find here at Walmart. It is available in Twin and Full Size and runs about $189.00

On the wall above iCarly’s Bed is some wall decals – Personally I love Wall Decals and Stickers they make for any easy change when it comes to decorating a room since they can be removed without any damage. In iCarly’s New Room she has a bunch on her walls. The main one above her bed is a Power Pole Wall Sticker

Hanging off of the Power Lines she has some Light Bulb Wall Stickers, now on these i could not locate ones that were Yellow and looked lit – so that kinda tells me that Yellow paint was probably added to the middle of the bulbs to give it the illusion of them being on. Hanging from the other side of the Power Line looks like a Pink Wiener Dog – that I could not locate just yet. I am working on still making out exactly what that is.

On her other walls in the room iCarly also has some Powerbirds Wall Stickers (Birds on a Wire) – these tie in with all the bedding too.

iCarly’s  seems to be a Natural Wood Platform Bed that has draws underneath for storage. I love the nightstands which are done in a Dark Wood Finish with some glass shelving as well. I have not been able to locate these items, but you can play off the idea with similar wood tones and items you can find in local stores.

Another fun thing around the bed is the White Molding they made to frame it all out and they also took some Colored Glass Gems and glued them on to give a fun effect. I like this – I think it looks great. This is a fun inexpensive touch anyone can do to their bedroom.

Now let me show you some of the other SWEET  iCarly Room Decor that they have going on…..

1. Spencer’s Homemade Gummi Bear Lamp – This is the lamp that Spencer gave to iCarly for her birthday and the one that started the fire. What a SWEET Lamp. I believe this probably was created just for the show. It looks like it was a simple Stainless Steel Lamp Base with one of the Gummi Bear Lights (See Below) placed on the base. Then on the Lampshade they glued on a bunch of colorful Gummi Bears.

2. Gummi Bear Chandelier –  This Gummi Bear Chandelier is available from and it does not come cheap. This Gummi Bear Chandelier is made with approx. 5,000 acrylic Gummi Bears and it takes the company about 2 months to complete each one.  This is obviously a made to order items and I have a feeling with this Gummi Bear Chandelier hanging in iCarly’s new room they are about to get some orders coming in – if you can afford one that is.

This Gummi Bear Chandelier will probably run you close to $10,000 – Ouch

3.  Gummi Bear Lights – on iCarly’s wall she has some very cool built in shelves that feature some fun colored Gummi Bear Lights (Gummilights), these are also available from  These Gummilights are available in a variety of colors – Red, Orange, Yellow, Clear, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink. They are Solid rubber with a LED Light. Each one is 7” high x 4” wide.

These SWEET lights will run you $125.00 each or 5 for $500.00.

4. Cupcake Table – iCarly’s Cupcake Table is another item you will find at  This Cupcake Table is 16″ high, 16″ diameter base and a  24″ diameter top and comes in a variety of colors – red, orange, yellow, brown, metallic silver, baby blue, violet, pink, or lime green finish.  iCarly has the Pink in her room that also has some fun inside to look  like Sprinkles made with Gumballs.  So what will a Cupcake Table run you? Approx $750.00

Also available are Cupcake Seats, which look the same with a cushion on the top.

You will also see an Ice Cream Sandwich Bench in her room which also is available at  The Ice Cream Sandwich Bench is made from Solid foam with  Chocolate wafer cushions that are covered in canvas, vanilla ice cream center is covered in velvet, with wooden legs. That is one Sweet place to sit., but it does not come cheap and will run you about $950.00 big ones.

Balloon Side Table –  So when I watched the iCarly show I saw the table that looked like a Rubber Band Table, but it is actually made with deflated Balloons.  I is made up of over 500 Deflated Balloons on top of wood. Maybe you can recreate this at home beacuse if you buy one it will cost about $225.00 and it is available at The Future Perfect.

Water Coffee Table with Floating Boats – Now I was unable to locate the exact iCarly Water Table with Floating Boats, but there are many Aquarium Coffee Tables (also called Aqua Tables) on the market. Now she did not have any fish in hers, but she did have some Floating Boats you can also add into yours. You can see some here: Aquarium Coffee Tables.

Shaggy Bean Bag Chairs – I have searched all over for iCarly’s Shaggy Bean Bag Chairs in Hot Pink and Blue, but the only thing I found that looks like them is in Ivory. It is called a Furlicious Beanbag and it is available at PB Teen. Is it possible they were dyed those colors? Yes it is. I am not sure – so if you locate them in the colors let me know.

Brown Shag Rug – You will also see that iCarly’s room had a Brown Shag Are Rug in the middle. Now these are easy to find and readily available. You can find these in all shapes and sizes with different lengths of Shag. I found a bunch here: Brown Shag Area Rugs.

Dresser – iCarly’s Dresser is actually from the Teen Nick Furniture Line. The Dimensions are (WxDxH): 58 x 18 x 36 with 8 Drawers. Once again this does not come cheap – I have seen it for about $700.00. Here it is available at Modern Furniture and they offer FREE Shipping.

Bedside Nightstand – iCarly nightstands are also part of the Teen Nick Furniture line too. The Dimensions are (WxDxH): 16 x 12.75 x 40, they are sold in pairs and they also have 2 orange plexi shelves in each unit with one Drawer. These sell for about $330 for the pair and you can also find these at Modern Furniture with FREE Shipping.

Desk Chair – iCarly’s Desk Chair is again from the Teen Nick Furniture line. The Dimensions are (WxDxH): 17 x 19.5 x 37 and height extends: 33 1/4 to 37″. And again you can purchase this with FREE Shipping from Modern Furniture for about $229.00.

Some of the other things that make iCarly’s room extra special is the Trampoline in the Floor that she can use to jump into bed – Now that is way cool. A TV that can also be used as a mirror – Did you know that they are available? I found a couple on Amazon Here: Mirror TV’s – of course they do not come cheap.

How about a Hair Dryer in your wall – now that is something I would love to have myself in addition to her new Closet that is automatic and rotates like a giant lazy susan.

So how can you bring some fun Gummi Bears into your Bedroom Decorating without breaking the bank? Well you will have to get creative. If you are crafty you can find Gummi Bear Molds that you can use to create your own Non Candy Gummi Bears that you can use to create some fun Artwork or Lamps for your Bedroom. Of course this will be quite time consuming, but if you want the Gummi Bear look it is one way to do it.

There are also other ways by taking your candy Gummi Bears and actually coating them with an Acrylic or Shellac to keep it from Molding and Ants coming to eat them. I would do some research on different types of products you can use for this beacuse you certainly do not want a bug infestation coming in for Gummi Bear snack if it is not done correctly. Check your local craft store for alternatives.

I was also able to find this Lamp called a TerriBear Junior Lamp that looks very similar to a Gummy Bear Lamp, but is more affordable. It comes in a variety of colors – Soft White, Mellow Yellow, Sky Blue, Sunset Orange, Hot Pink and Misty Green.  Another fun thing about this lamp is that it also comes with two washable markers so you can actually write on it and wipe it off – I think that is a fun option don’t you?

How about a Plush Gummy Bear? This Plush Gummy Bear comes in Hot Pink and is 11″ in size. This could be a fun item to add onto the bed to bring in the Gummi Bear look. I see nothing wrong with giving a Gummy Bear a nice big hug right before going to sleep – it will definitely help with SWEET dreams that is for sure.

Another great source for finding some Unique Gummi Bear items is over at Etsy. There you can find all sorts of goodies like the Gummi Bear Necklace and earring set pictured to the left (also makes a fun iCarly Party Favor), You can also use this to hang in the room being the Gummi Bears are made from Plastic. You can also find Gummi Bear Artwork, Photos and more. So make sure to stop by there to see all the fun Gummi Bear Finds for your room.

Another Gummi Bear that makes a great gift of course is the Giant Gummy Bear. These edible candy Gummi Bears weigh in at 5lbs – can you imagine? I wonder how many small Gummi Bears it takes to make up one of these Giants. One thing I would not do with one of these is let your dentist know you ate one – that would be the worst thing you could ever do. So make sure if you eat it to brush and floss your teeth really good to leave no evidence – lol. These Giant Gummy Bears comes in lots of flavors so if you have a favorite – you will most likely find it.

I  just recently wrote about this iCarly Personalized Wall Decal that will add that extra special touch to the room.  These look  just like the iCarly Logo, but with your child’s name instead. I actually ordered one of these for my own daughter and I am waiting for its arrival. I will share a photo of hers once I have it and I put in on her wall.

So now when your kids watch the iCarly Show “iGot a Hot Room” and see iCarly’s New Bedroom and ask to have one just like it – I have taken all the research out of it for you. So have fun and maybe you will give your child a Special Birthday Present – A Bedroom Makeover and then they will say “iGot a Hot Room” – lol.

NOTE: I will update this post once the show has been aired and I can see the entire room and maybe some items that I have missed. If you see something or have ideas I have not added in please let me know in the comments below.


100 Responses to “iCarly celebrates her Birthday with an iCarly Bedroom Makeover”
  1. Bridget says:

    omg im begging my parents for a room like that my birthday is comming up and if you want a ice cream sandwich bench for less money go to ebay and type in ice cream sandwich storage bench it also has storage and it’s only $500 and if anyone has any other items that they have found pleese tell me

  2. Katie says:

    i am re-doing my room to look like carly’s and i was wondering where her desk can be found , the one where she does her makeup at ? and i was also wondering where i can get the fabric things at the bottom of the wall in her room ? i also wanted to know if the cicle design things that are behind the tv/mirror on her wall if those were wall decals or if someone painted them on ?

  3. Ja Tegreh says:

    I got all the stuff in carly’s room(well, almost all). I got the ice cream sandwich bench, the shag carpet, the trampoline launcher(in the floor!!), the bed(and the same pillows and blankets , even a penny-t pillow from Great America that says “Zonk City”), the ballon side table, the cupcake table(with the sprinkle decor),the gummy bear light(the chandelier and a gummilite),the silver stump table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna get the walldecor and probably the mirror tv/table set. I feel SO happy!!!! I’ll post pics soon!

  4. Jessica says:

    Hi i just have some questin u didnt tell us abt the built in hair dryer and the tramppoline

  5. A lot of the things you see in iCarly’s Room are stage props – Do you have a resource to them you can share?

  6. Katie says:

    I was wondering if you know how they made the built in hairdryer ? and do you think it is possible to make a gummybear chandelier out of a lot of gummy bears? or if it’s possible to buy a bunch of giant gummybears and coat them in some sort of thing that would make they not attract animals, so they could be sort of like the gummy light but just without the light ? can you please help me with this ?

  7. Blake says:

    Hi!!!!!!! I was wandering, were are carly’s sheets from!!!

  8. go to the blueprint furniture and they have the balloon table for less money, but it is called a balloona stool, and could you tell me where she got that pink magnetic bookcase and the circular pillow on her bed that looks like clam shells??????

  9. Addy says:

    I tried finding the birdcage bedding in a Queen size, but I couldn’t! Does anyone know where I can buy one?!

  10. Addy says:

    I tried finding the birdcage bedding in a Queen size, but i couldn’t find it! I even tried going to bed bath and beyond but they were only in twin! Does anyone know where i can find it in a Queen. if not show me a link that has a similar comforter.

  11. danan says:

    were can you get the trampoline????

  12. Destiny says:

    I was wondering why someone doesn’t make a website that you can buy all of the stuff in Carly’s room then it wouldn’t be so hard to get it all. Someone could make a killing off of it all.

  13. I know – That is what I tried to do, but it is hard to find some of the items and I am sure a lot of them are just made for the set and not actually available to buy.

  14. anon says:

    wow i love the stuff but i dont have that type of money lol

  15. Caroline says:

    The bedding has been discontinued from bath and body works. I called in and they said it was no longer available.

  16. Oh No – I will look to see who else may carry it.

  17. fish says:

    you forgot the tree stump stool. I was watching an extra and Carly has a tree stump stool in her room, it can be found at the future is perfect in the colors silver and gold

  18. Addy says:

    Is the Speaker headboard discontinued to? i cant find it anywhere

  19. GummiBerr8 says:

    Hayy ya no i wuz wondering WHY does the gummy bear chandelier cost $10,000!!!!! Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…..

  20. mrules188 says:

    the only problem with this room is that its so darn expensive. im gonna buy the gummy bears myself and the bedding with a paint called lazy sunday from the home depot. click this link to take a look at it:

  21. flopa4 says:

    Where can you get her speaker headboard? i can’t find it anywhere!!!!! help! please?

  22. It was available at Walmart

  23. Shdhdjsk says:

    I don’t think they sell the headboard at walmart anymore

  24. They may have stopped selling them – probably sold out.

  25. tkdgirl2 says:

    I just want to know how you would get the steel rod to go into the gummibear light like spencer did so i could put the lampshade on could you help me? Thanks

  26. I wish I could help here, but I honestly have no idea – sorry :0(

  27. Georgia says:


  28. That I wish I could help you with, but I am not sure.

  29. givgav says:

    aghhhh i want all this stuff but its too expensive and i live in england so its even harder to get, im going CRAZYYYY!!!!!!!

  30. ryann says:

    hi i wont carlys bed room where can i get all the suffz

  31. michelle says:

    how do u get all this stuff

  32. Goggle says:

    The dark wood night stands are from the teen nick furniture range

  33. Anna says:

    hey i really really really want her couch behind her water coffee table i love it sooooo much where is it and where is the coffee table help me!!!!!

  34. jess says:

    I REALLLLLLY want that water table!!!!! someone PLEASE find it!

  35. my mum and dad are going to get me the i Carly room with everything she has in there how cool is that. my mum and dad are the best. i can’t wait until my room is finished with the bed , the trampoline and the , blow dryer , the TV mirror the gummy bear light and the gummy bear chandelier and everything bye bye.

  36. Wow!! I wish I had this room!! I’m 12 and in love with it! Just wish it was like on sale or cost less…I would ask for it for my bday!! :)Thanks for the tips on where to get most of the things!!

  37. Emma says:

    ey partyanimal i just wanted to know were to get the eadboard with speakers from because they dont have it ata wallmart and i really want to get one

  38. I only knew of Walmart having them – do a search on Google or try Ebay. Good Luck.

  39. Emma says:

    Well i can see it there but it says that they are sold out + i checked on other sites it dosnt show either how much it is or where it is

  40. Jamie says:

    WOW! I mailed Jellio and getting /almost/ all of these items! Not cheap though, 6,600. xP However, anyone find out where to get Birdcage bedsheets, the your zone speaker headboard, and trampoline?!?! kinda desperate, heh. xD Any help appreciated!!! Thanks.

  41. natalie says:

    What is the name of the mirror and hair dryer and where can i get them

  42. Me says:

    Where do u get the tv and blow dryer plus the trampoline thing im obsessed with it but my room is so small i prob wont get nd y is it so expensive 0,0

  43. jackie says:

    umm where can i get the headboard and bedding i look all over and bed bath and beyond, i cant find it!!!!!!!!
    can someone plz give me the exact site for the two things? plz

  44. I am not sure it is available anymore – check on ebay.

  45. emily says:

    i rely want that closet i found something similar but really big and expensive i also thought that the headboard was cool i wish i could get both….. any ideas on where to find the closet stuff?!

  46. A person says:

    im so jelous i want everything in carlys room y cant the make a website where u can get everything from!!!!!!!! (and not to expensive!!!!)

  47. Jos says:

    these thing are a little pricy anything that looks similar for a lower price???

  48. Emery says:

    SSSSOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! Since iCarly is ending they’re having a contest and giving away some of the items in her room, including the cupcake table, gummy bear lights, gummy bear chandelier, ice cream sandwich bench, water table, and more!!! I really wish I could find the headboard though it’s so cute I checked Walmart but they dont have it and the contest isnt giving it away. Also the hairdryer and trampoline are AMAZING! Thx for the site it really helped me out!!!

  49. sara says:

    where can i find the haidryer ….do they sell it in stores or is thee a hairdrye that can be attatchef to the wall and blow dries ur hair just like that………where can i get it pls help!!!!!!!

  50. Evan B. says:

    For all you guys who wanted to find out where you could get the iCarly coffee table, can custom make it! They can also give you the “iCarky package” with the ice cream bar bench, cupcake table, candelier, and coffee table!

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