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iCarly Halloween Costumes – Dress like iCarly

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Finally they have released some great iCarly Halloween Costumes and I think the kids are going to really like these. Not only will these be fun for Halloween, but if your child is having an iCarly Birthday Party why not let them dress as iCarly?

A little about the iCarly Costumes:

  • iCarly Costume with Purple Dress comes with the Dress that is similar to the dresses iCarly wears -fun and whimsical. It has the iCarly logo at the bottom too. It also comes with a fun pair of tights that Shimmer. Pair it up with a fun pair of boots and it is perfect.
  • iFight iCarly Costume just like the Boxing outfit she wore in her show. This  costume includes: shirt, shorts, boxing robe and fingerless gloves.  Pair it up with some funky sneakers and you are ready to take on Halloween
  • iCarly Purplonian Costume is of course all colored purple – one of iCarly’s favorite colors. This costume includes dress, wig and tights. – just add your fun Boots.

You can find all these iCarly Costumes available for sale  at:

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