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Ice Age Birthday Party

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ice age party invitationWe are now going to enter the Ice Age and celebrate a Birthday Party. With the recent Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs movie the Ice Age Birthday Party Theme is another must have party.

So lets start the party off with some Custom Personalized Ice Age Party Invitations. I always say the best place to find some great invites is on Ebay. There you will find all the latest from sellers allowing your to personalize them and even print them from home for the last minute party planners. There are options too – you can find your basic style invites to Ice Age Ticket Invitations and Ice Age VIP Pass Invitations which have become very popular.

ice age popsHere is one of my favorite treats: Ice Age Pops

What you will need – Gummy Dinosaurs, Lemonade and Ice pop Molds.

Fill the molds with the lemonade, add some gummy dinosaurs and then freeze. The kids will now have a pre-historic treat and will have fun discovering the dinosaurs when the get to the middle.

Ice Age Party Game Ideas:

Hatch the Dinosaur – Have some small plastic dinosaur toys and freeze them in ice cubes before the party. Then put them into ziploc bags so each guest will have one. Then your guests have to melt the ice cube anyway they can in the bag – first one to melt the ice and get the dinosaur out first wins.

Help Find Scat some Acorns – Print and Cut out a bunch of Acorns using this Printable Acorn Template. – Hide them all over as you would an egg hunt and see which guest can find the most.

Steal the Dinosaur Egg Relay – A play on Sid stealing the dinosaur eggs.  Line the guests into 2 teams. Maybe 20 feet across have some baskets or make a nest filled with eggs (plastic of course) – with the same amount. On go each guest one at a time will run get an egg and bring it back – which ever team gets them all back first wins. For more fun – use water balloons or real eggs – if they drop and break it does not count.

Dodge the Dinosaurs – Play this game as you would Dodgeball.

Carnivores vs. Herbivores – You will need dinosaur stickers for this one – you can use Ice Age Stickers of course. To play separate the guests into two teams – the Carnivores and the Herbivores. Give each a  sheet of stickers.  On go the Carnivores chase the Herbivores – A Herbivore is caught when a sticker is placed on his or her back by a Carnivore. Then they must freeze until another Herbivore removes the sticker. This continues until the Carnivores are all out of stickers. Then reverse role play. The kids love this!!!

Ice Age PinataA pinata is always a favorite at any party and of course an Ice Age Pinata for this one would be perfect. Check out my post on Unique Pinata Candy to find some fun candy to add inside. At you can find things like Chocolate Ice Cubes.  Ice Mint candies, Dinosaur eggs and Dinosaur candies and more.

ice age dawn of the dinosuars cakeFor your cake you can get a Dawn of the Dinosaurs Cake Decorating Kit or you can get one of the many Personalized Ice Age Edible Cake or Cupcake toppers. You can even find Ice Age Cupcake rings for your cupcakes – a nice treat for the kids.



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  1. Amber says:

    I like the games ideas – I may use some of those – I really like the hatch a dinosaur, but may use that with a different item in the middle.

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