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How to Make Indoor Snowman Kits for the Kids

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Looking for a fun gift or winter party favor idea for the kids? These adorable Indoor Snowman Kits may be just what you have been looking for. They are easy to make and tons of fun for the kids and adults too!!

Sometimes you just may not want to go outside in the cold to build a Snowman or maybe where you live you do not get snow – so problem solved for both. I came up with the idea to make these going along the lines of those desktop toy kits. You know when you do not feel like working and playing instead, that happens to me a lot – lol.

I wanted to create a Snowman Kit the kids can build indoors, without snow of course, over and over. I decided I would make all the parts just like you would find in an Outdoor Snowman Kit, but  in miniature form.

So when the kids want to build a snowman they just open the kit make their Snowman with the White Play Doh and accessorize with all the pre-made parts in the kit – it is that Simple. Let me tell you how I did it and show you all the parts I made for the kits.

This is what I used to make my Indoor Snowman Kits:

  • White Play Doh
  • Sculpey Clay in assorted Colors
  • Fleece and Material for Scarves
  • Toothpicks
  • Wire
  • Bags to store Play Doh and Parts
  • Cute Snowman Tin to hold it all

Here are my supplies. I bought a 2lb Bucket of White Play Doh

from Amazon – it is a good deal. I was making 5 kits for my kids, niece and nephews. The tub was enough to make 4 – you can get 5 out of it, but I wanted the snowmen to be able to be made bigger, so I will get more for my 5th kit.

I got a great deal on the Sculpey Clay

assortment at AC Moore ($14.99) and bought a couple extra small packs in Black, White and Brown ($1.99 each). I went with the Sculpey because once you create your pieces you can bake them and they become hard like plastic and that is what I wanted. I knew I would have plenty left over that I could use for other projects in the future.

I found the cute little Snowman Tins at AC Moore as well for only $1 each and the bags which I will use to store my items in are actually treat bags with snowflakes on them, also found at AC Moore.

Now here are the parts I made for the kits:

I made Carrot Noses, Coal Eyes and Mouth Pieces (I put 11 pieces in per kit – just for extras), Branch Arms, Buttons, Corn Cob Pipes, Black Top Hats, Hats for the girls with flowers, Ear Muffs, Baseball Hats for the Boys with Snowflakes on them, Scarves cut from leftover fleece and I had another for each of the using other material, Hearts and Stars with wire to hang from arms and just for fun Lips for the girls and Smile Mouths for the Boys.

I created them all by hand and used a toothpick for detailing – it was fun and easy.

Then I baked them at 275 for 15 minutes or so – large hats took a bit more time. When done they are hard and just like plastic – how cool is that?

Of course if you do not want to make them you may be able to find miniature parts you can use, but it may just be easier to sit down and have fun creating them like I did. I love working with clay and it so easy.

Of course I had to test them out…

How could I not build my own Snowman after all of that and see how they looked. So I tried out a few different options and I think they are all way too cute!!! The kids are going to love playing with these. Best part was I was warm while I did it and no gloves were needed.

Here its what is in each kit and how I packed it up:

I have a Boy Snowman Kit and a Girl Snowman Kit. I put the white Play Doh in a big snowball shape in one bag and all the parts in another. I secured them and placed inside my little tin.

No waiting for it to snow to build these Snowmen!!!

So there you have it an EASY craft idea you can put together for the kids or even an adult to play with.

Do Note: The kids cannot keep their snowmen out because the White Play Doh will harden up – so they build, play and put away until the next time.

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