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Jonas Brothers Birthday Cake with Edible Images

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Jonas Brothers Edible Cake Image

Jonas Brothers Edible Cake Image

Do you love the Jonas Brothers so much you can just eat them up? Well if you have a little fan who feels this way you can with the Jonas Brothers Edible Cake images. So if you are planning a Jonas Brothers Birthday Party then these will be just perfect for your Jonas Brothers Birthday Cake.

In addition to having a favorite photo of the Jonas Brothers you can also personalize them with your own wording. Now what fan would not love to see that? What a Yummy Idea. You can find the largest selection of  these Jonas Brothers Edible Cake images on Ebay.

jonas brothers edible cake imageSo how do you use Edible Cake Images? It is so easy. First let me say they are completely edible and they are printed with edible food coloring and are usually allergen free (read descriptions). Depending on the size and shape of the image you choose that will determine what shape and size cake you make. All you do then is peel of the backing to the image and carefully place on top of your frosted cake and that is it. You can then decorate the edges if you like to give it an even more professional finished look.  You will get step by step directions and tips from the seller of the cake image as well.

Now the only downside will be who will get the piece with the brother’s face on it!!!

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