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JUMBO Elmo Airwalker Balloon

May 29, 2009 by  
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elmo airwalker balloonEvery child I believe goes through the Elmo stage in their life at least once. I know both mine did and I personally still love Elmo. I think this Elmo Jumbo Airwalker Balloon is perfect for your Elmo Birthday Party for sure.

What little Elmo fan would not love this? What is so fun about this balloon that makes it so special besides being 50″ is that it actually floats as if it is walking around the room. I wish this was around when my kids were young – they would have gone nuts for it.

The other cool thing you can do with this – after the party is over and Elmo is no longer floating around – carefully make a small hole and let out the left over helium. Your Jumbo Elmo Airwalker can now be turned into a wall decoration for your child – now that is recycling at its best.

Does anyone also love Big Bird? Well there is a Big Bird Jumbo Airwalker Balloon so Elmo does not have to walk alone.

Big Bird Jumbo Airwalker Balloon

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