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Justin Bieber Costume – Show off your Bieber Fever this Halloween

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Are you looking for a Justin Bieber Halloween Costume?  Since there are currently no Official Justin Bieber Halloween Costumes on the market at this time, I am going to show you how you can create one yourself with a few simple items.  This will be much easier than you think and it is actually quite a Budget Friendly Costume too – so double bonus.  So let those kids show off their Bieber Fever on Halloween and maybe get some of their own fans as they do so.

It is really not that hard to create a Justin Bieber Costume and what is even better is that you may have a lot of what you can use already in your home.

So lets get creating our Justin Bieber Costume from top to bottom.

Here we go………………..

The one thing your Justin Bieber must have is of course that famous Justin Bieber Hairstyle.  There are two wigs that I found that would both be great. One is the Bruno Wigwhich is a Blonde Wig styled just like Justin Bieber’s Hair. The other one is the Heartthrob Wigwhich is a Brunette Version that has some Blonde Highlights.

Personally if I had the choice I think the Bruno Wig is the best, but either one would work. Of course you can also play with the Wig once it is on and style it even better with some Hairspray of gel to get a more refined look like Justin’s.

Once you have the Hair the rest of the Justin Bieber Costume is  Super Easy.

Now that you have the hair to complete your Justin Bieber Costume add in:

  • Baseball Hat
  • Aviator Sunglasses
  • Hoodie
  • T-Shirt
  • Skinny Jeans – Justin Wears Black all the time
  • Converse High Tops
  • Dog Tag Necklace

You can also re-create any of his looks – just find a favorite Justin Bieber Photo and break down the look – his favorite color is Purple – so you can keep that in mind as well. Add in a microphone to carry or even a guitar if you want.

Now how easy way that?


6 Responses to “Justin Bieber Costume – Show off your Bieber Fever this Halloween”
  1. Very creative,
    I think your post is excellent in the fact that it is a very creative way to make a great costume with little expense.
    This is a great resource to anyone wishing to get that “Justin” look without spending a bundle on a costume.
    I can see where if you spent a little time in front of a mirror with one of your favorite pictures of Justin, and many of the items you already have at home, you could easily create a look and style that is Justin.
    Thanks for the information and being so creative.

  2. tierra says:

    what happened to the watch & cardigan and…for those who dont know biebers fav color is blue but he wears a lot of purple……

  3. nicole says:

    ok i love the idea of these things but what why the black skinny jeans when justin bieber wears all colors like purple, blue, and even red so why do people that are dreesing up like him have to wear only black skinny jeans.
    i may dress up like him for my friends cause she asked but i can make it my own style.

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