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Kids are Loving Squinkies are they the next Hot Toy?

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I have to talk about these new toys called Squinkies from Blip Toys that kids are going crazy for. A lot of parents who are not familiar with these are wondering what they are exactly. So I am going to fill you in to help keep you on top of things. I honestly think you are going to see these Squinkies on the kids Christmas Lists,  because they seem to be the next Hot Toy they want to collect.

Ok so what are these Squinkies?

Here is the Official Description:

What’s Squishy? Squooshy? And Squashy? Why it’s Squinkies – the only collectible small doll line that comes packed in a surprise toy bubble. Pop it open and look—there’s a Squinkies surprise inside! Squinkies offer added play value too – doubling both as pencil toppers and fashion forward jewelry accessories – uniquely offering endless imaginative play and collectability.

To me they are a cross between Gumball Machine Prizes and Puppy in my Pocket Toys.  That was my first thought when I saw them, but these Squinkies are Squishy to the touch.

There are 100’s of these the kids can Collect and Trade. They are sold in Collections and Clubs and of course you will find some Rare Squinkies in the mix that will be harder to find than some of the others readily available. There are also lots of fun Squinkie Playsets and Accessories available to add to the fun as well.

NOTE: The Squinkies are small so you have to be careful with younger children that tend to put things in their mouth – they can be a choking hazard since they are smaller than a Quarter.

The Squinkie Collections are:

  • Babies
  • Friends
  • Pets
  • Ponies
  • Puppies
  • Rare

Each Squinkie belongs to a Club to make collecting more fun, currently there are 8 Clubs. Each one has a symbol to tell you which Club they belong to – Heart, Star, Butterfly, Moon, Daisy, Diamond, Crown, Sun  etc.. So if your child just wants to collect all the Puppies from one Club they can do that. As I write this there are 6 Series of Squinkies available with more coming just in time for Christmas 2010 – so keep watching.

You can collect your Squinkies by purchasing them in Bubble Packs or they also come with the Playests and Accessories.

Here are some of the Playsets and Accessories you will find:

  • Gumball Surprise Playhouse
  • Cupcake Surprise Bakeshop
  • Squinkies Palace Surprize
  • Squinkies Tea Time Surprize
  • Squinkies Bracelet Surprize Sets – Birthday, Fantasy, Princess
  • Under the Sea Surprize
  • Shopping Fun Surprize
  • Royal Friendz Suprize
  • Squinkies Tote and Go Organizer and Carrying Case

I hope I was able to give you some insight on what I think is the Next Hot Toy this year – I have already been seeing prices go up on these so if your child has an interest I would highly recommend ordering them before the Holiday Madness comes.

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