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Kimber Cakeware Batter Daddy and Batter Babies Review & Giveaway – CLOSED

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I am Super Excited to share with you my Review of Kimber Bakeware’s Batter Daddy and Batter Babies. These products allow you to create Cakes & Cupcakes in multiple flavors and colors side by side in your Baking Pans.

There are so many Baking Gadgets out there that claim to do amazing things – just like this one, so question is: Do these really work? Well that is where I come in and I am going to give you that answer right here as I used them for the very first time and photographed it each step of the way.

So come and see and in addition to that you can also Enter to win some to try yourself in my Giveaway… How cool is that? I say VERY.

So just a little chit chat before I get started. When I first saw the Batter Daddy & Batter Babies I was intrigued immediately. To think you can create a Cake or Cupcakes using multiple flavors & colors together side by side vs. on top of each other was a fun thought. You know that when you order your Birthday Cakes from the bakery most people ask for 1/2 Vanilla and 1/2 Chocolate so you can please everyone at the party, but now you can do the same thing with one cake that you bake from home. I knew I had to try this out especially for the Cupcakes, which if you follow me you know are my favorites !!

So yesterday was my Son’s 13th Birthday and normally he requests a Homemade Carrot Cake on his birthday that my sister makes, which she did, but due a bad Snow Storm we had she was unable to get it here. So I knew I had the Batter Daddy and Batter Babies in the house to review so I created some Cupcakes & his Fill in Birthday Cake. I decided to give them a try using Vanilla & Chocolate – see my kids never agree on anything and one of those is their Cake Flavors. My Son loves Vanilla and my Daughter loves Chocolate so to think I can make  both flavors in one cake is very exciting. So that is what I did and you will see it below in my review.

Batter Daddy Official Description:

Create a single cake with two or more colors (or flavors). The Batter Daddy is adjustable and made to fit cake pans 8″ to 14″ wide. Works well in 2”, 2.5” and 3” deep pans. It easily fits most beveled-sided pans, and can be inverted to fit most square pans. The Batter Daddy also fits many shaped pans (round, heart, oval, etc.).  Fits most cake pans in the market.

Buy two or more Batter Daddies to make three (or more) color or flavor cakes.

Batter Babies Official Description:

Bake one of a kind cupcakes containing two flavors (or colors). Batter Babies fit most standard size cupcake pans and cups.  Buy two packages to save time and fill all 12 cups of your favorite cupcake pan with Batter Babies.

So now lets get to my Review and I will start with the Batter Babies  – My Cupcakes

Being my goal was to make my son a Birthday Cake, I only made 4 Cupcakes to try these out for my review. Again I decided to make my Cupcakes & Cake using Vanilla & Chocolate. So I started with making a Box of Vanilla Cake & Chocolate Cake. For some reason my Chocolate Cake came out a bit thick, not sure why just had to share that (lol), it may have had something to do with the fact that I started making this after 8pm, hmmm. Not to worry it tasted great in the end.

So here are my 2 Flavors of Choice Vanilla & Chocolate

Take a look at how EASY this is to do. First you add your Cupcake liners in your Cupcake Pan. Then add your Batter Babies and place them in the Liner. Then I spooned in Chocolate Cake Mix on one side and Vanilla on the other. Then I just pulled out the Batter Babies (you cannot bake with them) and with a butter knife I carefully smoothed out the dividing line. I baked them in the oven and out came my Yummy Cupcakes that were the best of both flavors side by side. It Worked just like it said it would !!! Since I love both flavors the Cupcakes were mine, so I added some Chocolate Frosting to my Cupcake and it was sooooo good !!!

Now let me show you the Batter Daddy with my Birthday Cake

For my Birthday Cake I used two 8″ Round Pans. I adjusted my Batter Daddy to fit my Pan and stuck in it. Following the same method as I did using the Batter Babies I made my Cake. The fun part was the frosting, my Son being he likes Vanilla wanted the Vanilla Frosting on his Cake and my Daughter who loves Chocolate wanted the Chocolate Frosting on hers – so I gave them what they wanted all in ONE Cake. The cake reminded me of a Giant Black & White Cookie. My kids loved it and I cannot believe I made them both happy and only had to make ONE Cake.

So the answer to the Question above – Do these really work?

YES YES YES – Absolutely and I Love them they are ingenious.

Now onto the Giveaway !!!

My friends at Kimber Cookware want you to try these as well. So they are going to give one of my Lucky Readers there very own Batter Daddy & Batter Babies !!

I am tellin’ ya – you have to have these – the SWEET Creations you can create are endless.

Think of all the colors & flavors you can mix just for the holidays alone – Valentine’s Day – Red & White, Christmas – Green & Red, Fourth of July – Red, White & Blue etc.. You get the idea.

So how do you enter to win? It is Easy:

You may Enter once or 5 times to increase you chances by doing the following, but you must complete the Mandatory Entry to qualify:

  • MANDATORY ENTRY: Tell me what would be your first Combo Cake or Cupcakes you would create with these – Be sure your email is attached to your Comment so we can contact you if you are a Winner.
  • BONUS ENTRY: Become our Fan on Facebook and leave me a comment saying you are part of the FB Party. (If you are already just leave a comment saying so for the extra entry)
  • BONUS ENTRY: Follow us on Twitter then copy and tweet: I just Entered a SWEET Giveaway to win a Batter Daddy and Batter Babies @thepartyanimal #giveaway
  • BONUS ENTRY: Sign up to receive our Newsletter  – just go to our home page and enter your email in the upper right, then leave a comment telling me you did so. (If you have already just leave a comment saying so for the extra entry)
  • BONUS ENTRY: Become a Facebook Fan of Kimber Cookware, then leave a comment telling me you did so .

Don’t want to wait for the Giveaway to be over and want these products now – Visit Kimber Cakeware and Order yours Now.

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only, 18 years old or over, the winner will be chosen by This giveaway will end February 14th at 12:01 am Eastern time and the winner will be announced soon after.  If the winner does not respond to my email within 48 hours then I will pick a new winner. Batter Daddy & Batter Babies will be mailed to you direct from Kimber Cakeware.

The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

We have a Winner !!! Congratulations Linette you just won yourself some fun new Kitchen Gadgets !!


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  1. Linette says:

    I think I would make some red velvet and white cupcakes for Valentine’s Day! These sound like fun!

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    What a great idea! My first creation would be spice cake / chocolate cake

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    I like Kimber on Facebook. Thank you

  8. amy hall says:

    Every Tuesday, I bring in plates of cupcakes or muffins to my daughter’s school. The teachers really look forward to “cupcake tuesdays!” The 1st treat I will make will be blueberry-cranberry orange
    muffins…really the best of both worlds!

  9. amy hall says:

    Blueberry cranberry orange muffins for the teachers at my childs school

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    I’m facebook fan 2!

  11. Shawna says:

    My first one would be half lemon half raspberry sour and sweet at the same time!!! My favorite!!!

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    and already signed up for newsletter!!!!

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    I’m on the email list!
    I would do yellow and chocolate, my 2 favs!

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    I would make cupcakes for my Alice in Wonderland party. Im turning 21! Yay! It would be a combo of vanilla and choclate! Yum!!!

  17. Rachele Spencer says:

    My first cakes would be strawberry and chocolate for Valentine’s Day. My husband loves chocolate covered strawberries!

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    I’d like to try to make a checkerboard cake in chocolate and white cake. Love that I can make one cake with two flavors since everyone always seems to have a

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  25. I would do chocolate and red velvet – talk about decadent!

  26. I think some lemon and lime for St. Patricks day Yummy.

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  32. Its pleasure to read this all blog.You shared such nice things.Its a good thing for all those people who are fresher like me.I really like to come again.

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